Shooting with Salleh Sparrow

HedRock has recently been collaborating with photographer Salleh Sparrow. Salleh has a hugely artistic vision and a head crammed with ideas, combining the unusual with high fashion.

Our first shoot for designer Rosie Jones had hair that took direct inspiration from Alexander McQueen's 2009 show Plato's Atlantis. The shoot was for a showcase of a clothing collection inspired by fish, with model Raspberry Jam and makeup artist Gavin Pickle, and was recently featured on the Vogue Italia website.

Our second shoot featured a latex outfit by Rubber Monkey and called for clay, sculpted makeup and dreadlocks (which were incredibly fun to create). Makeup for this shoot was by Kate Lambie and the model is Emerald Isabelle.

Check out our shots below and look out for more coming soon!

Salleh on Facebook:

Salleh Sparrow

Adjusting the hair between shots.