Photoshoots with Liam Perkins

I've had a few shoots with Liam Perkins now and he delivers consistently great results. His ideas seem to come from nowhere and are thrown together so fast you have no idea how great it is until it's happening.

Below are three shoots we've done to date.

(from top to bottom)

Model Kate Barnaby - stunning girl and full of energy - we shot two hair looks - one super-smooth, almost damp looking, and another with voluminous waves.
The makeup was done at the Urban Decay Counter in Debenhams, Bullring.

Model Gemma Huh and makeup artist Gavin Pickle. We all know how insanely talented I think Gavin is and we've both worked with Gemma before. She's delightful and tries incredibly hard.

Finally, models Victoria Lindsay Coutts (redhead) and Rebecca Allsop (blonde). Both of these models are fantastic and again Gain was on makeup. This shoot was incredible fun and my first with Liam!

Liam's Website:

Liam Perkins