Scouting the best of Birmingham's hair!

Bright Young Things

I spotted Lucie in the Bullring and just as I approached her so did her boyfriend, Kieran, and I got two for the price of one! Both of them have the kind of punkish, vibrant style that I adore.

Lucie’s deep purple magenta bob is brilliantly cut, with plenty of texture and volume, and apparently on a good day it’s even bigger! It complements her edgy style perfectly, and whereas quite often brighter colours like this can look tacky, Lucie’s was not without its own sense of sophistication. She clearly knows how to look good!

Kieran also has big hair, but what I love about this wide, deconstructed mohawk the most is the contrast between the blonde and his natural dark shade, especially complemented by the long sideburns. Whilst perhaps not as extreme as classic punk mohawks, the use of texture and the way it falls into a partial fringe gives the look a relaxed charm without losing too much edginess.

Posted 323 weeks ago

A new twist on a classic style!

My first day on the prowl and Sandra, 45, turned my head immediately. She wore the classic victory roll, immaculately pinned up - not a hair was out of place. And what’s most astounding is that she does this herself, which is not a skill that most can claim credit to!

But the best part is, of course, that gorgeous, bold red - which adds a wonderfully contemporary edge to the sophistication of the style and puts Sandra leagues ahead of the majority of people I saw in Birmingham for the rest of the day. I also love the youthful feeling that the parting and fringe add to the look. Overall, Sandra is a real HedRocker!

Posted 323 weeks ago