#YHLA is the new way to put you in the spotlight. If you have amazing hair - that being, hair that's well cared for, well groomed and makes heads turn - then you're deserving of recognition. Too many people leave their hair to do its own thing, neglect the right products, cover up with a hat and render the money they spend on having it done effectively wasted.

But if that sounds disparaging, that's not the idea. The idea is that you, the everyday person, will now contribute to showing everyone how easy it is to keep your style in tip top condition and looking flawless by sharing your story with us. And the beauty of it is I hand-pick you all. There are no set-up studio shots, just selfies. And no 'expert advice', but REAL LIFE advice.

So without further ado, here's how you might get involved.

1. 'Street Style' Cardholders

If I've handed you a #YHLA card in the street, (or train station or shopping centre, I'm not really a fussy type), then thanks for coming to get involved! Get in touch with me via email, Twitter, Facebook or the online form by clicking the 'Stay in touch' link at the top of this site. I just need a couple of selfies and to ask you about the conception and upkeep of your look.

2. Online Scouting

If I've personally got in touch with you, the work is done already! Sit back and enjoy the glory!
If you want me to get in touch, then its simple - have amazing hair! And if you don't, then worry not, because your HedRocker comrades are here to give you all the realistic tips and tricks they can.


Well, it was out of necessity. A couple of years back in the very early days of HedRock I attempted to see up HedHunter, a street style blog dedicated to hair. It was hard. I needed release forms and had to bother people to stop them and try to get a good picture. It was a hassle for everyone involved, but the reason I did it was because there are a tribe of you out there who really know what you're doing and it impresses me! So now I'm putting the power in your hands. Its simply my duty to tell you you're doing it right, and its your choice if you want to be showcased! The power of the selfie shouldn't be underestimated. We live in the era is this phenomenon and it allows you to only have pics on my blog that you want to have in public view. Or you can decide not to at all!

So come along and be the stars of this movement. It's grassroots. It's street style. It's 100% real life hair.