This post isn't really about a single topic, but every now and then an issue of Stylist will be very hair-focused and this week's is one of those. There's a fabulous feature on redheads (famous ones, no less) and a Trend On Trial using the wet look seen on Prada's AW13 runway, (look out for the Hair In The Campaigns blog on that later this week).

So I decided to fuse the two and kill a few birds with one stone, by trying out the wet look on my own (unintentionally*) copper locks, then I'll tweet #trendontrial as suggested in the issue with the look.

First, though, a few words on each. Regarding the TOT, Stylist's beauty editor Samantha Flowers always kills with hair challenges. I'm not kidding, I tweeted her personally a couple of months back saying she just has the perfect face to pull off almost any hairstyle, which she seemed pretty flattered to learn. This time she wins again, using Redken Diamond Oil that she cheekily swiped backstage at fashion week and became obsessed with. I've been excited about Diamond Oil since it was announced, it STILL hasn't arrived at my salon and Sam's relentless swooning isn't helping my patience!

On the redhead feature, I've personally been obsessing over the 'ginger' spectrum myself. We call them coppers in the technical world. *I went intentionally bright copper a few months ago. Since then I had a good portion of my hair coloured a mahogany red with some copper flashes enhanced, but the cooler tones have faded out, leaving me back at coppery redhead! I was fascinated to learn that only 2% of the world population had naturally red hair, and it was only this week I took somebody from bleach disaster to natural-look red in the salon, so the article really struck a chord with me.

So, here's my look today:

I don't have the Redken product, so I used Schwarzkopf's BC Oil Miracle Liquid Oil Conditioner in wet hair, scrunched with my fingers for texture (no drying) and set the look using TIGI Catwalk Session Series Finishing Hairspray, allowing it to dry on its own.

I love the look myself. When dual-texture hair appeared on the runways last season it was another Stylist ToT feature (that Sam rocked) and one of the earliest HedRock blog posts. I could never wear it because my hair is too short and it would have looked like my scalp had a grease problem, but all-wet is something I can get on board with.

A tip - wet-look hair will only EVER look good if your outfit is immaculate. Don't pair it with baggy t-shirts, hoodies or anything else that will make it look like you've been to the gym. Best options are tailored pieces and clean blocks of sophisticated colours in pastels or neutrals. Or, take cues from Prada...

Expensive grey wool mix and fur with a little skin on show is a fab way to channel this season's sultry, seductive look and wet-look hair is a great addition if Louis Vuitton's chunky black bobs aren't to your taste.

This was such a fun post to put together, thanks to Stylist! If you want to follow any if us on Twitter, follow below.

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