The images of model Flo Dron in ELLE's May issue punk shoot made me smile.

That's not from the shoot in question, but it's exactly how her hair looks. Look how tiny that fringe is, and how much she rocks it!

The micro fringe is not a new thing. Not at all. Pin-up star Bettie Page rocked the short but sweet look with a rolled version in the 50s, and screen stars Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Tatou's characters Cleopatra and Amelie both had tiny bobs featuring just as tiny fringes.

But the look resurfaced in the last couple of years with Lady Gaga reintroducing it as one of her looks with the launch of Born This Way, and Rooney Mara appearing with an awkwardly choppy (but incredibly awesome) haircut later the same year in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

By 2012 it had made its way onto the catwalk, featuring in Nicole Farhi and Versace's Autumn/Winter shows and on into Chanel's 2013 Cruise show.

And with 2013's punk revival (there's a spot of it this season, but wait for a full-on explosion come autumn) there's never been a better time to consider it. But could you rock as well as these ladies?

Well, here's some pointers...

  • Have conviction. This can be incredibly versatile - with minimalist, sophisticated fashion and nude, glowy makeup, this fringe would be the trophy of your look. But it also flows seamlessly into punk-inspired outfits featuring studs, leather and high-contrast layering with darker, smudgier makeup. Just don't dress it down, or you'll look really out of place with it.
  • It's brilliantly flattering on the right face. If you have strong cheekbones, a slim jaw and/or big eyes, this will look incredible. Oblong and square faces should probably avoid or it'll look too severe and angular. But if you find you have a small chin and a larger forehead, this is a great way of balancing your features out and showing those brows!
  • Pick your style. Smooth or choppy? If you go for a blunt fringe, you can still mess it up with a texturising product for a more urban, playful look. But if you have the guts to wear that 24/7, get your hairdresser to cut the line a little haphazardly. It's fiendishly stylish as long as your outfit (see point 1) makes it that way. Just remember that even if you wear it sleek and smooth, it's still not a 'blend into the crowd' kind of cut, it just means you can look a little bit glam in the process!

So, who's first in my chair? ;)