With brighter days upon us once again, you're probably thinking of getting some ombré/balayage treatment to brighten up your locks and get you on trend.

If that is the case, stop what you're doing and install Instagram, because you seem to have missed the news somehow - that trend is now on its way out.

Here's what's kicking it off the table...

It all started a couple of months ago when platinum became an overnight must-have after Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto both revealed lightened locks at the same time. Kim, after bleaching her hair three times all in the name of a photoshoot, retrned to brunette merely a week later, and then Jared went green to play the Joker in 2016's Suicide Squad. (See my blog post on the season's must have colour and cut here).

Kim K's Vogue Brasil shoot
However, Lady Gaga - who shot to fame with blonde as her die-hard signature hair colour - this week returned to her iconic shade and Instagrammed the whole process as some kind of modern-day bleaching tutorial. And so, blonde returns to the fore once again.

"No filter. The method we used was to take me from a black Demi-Permanent to a very translucent sparkly white blond. Although it was painful at times on the scalp, I like to avoid using any barriers with bleach so it's as reflective and translucent as possible while still healthy. Advil and pound a few Pinot, but rinse immediately if the scalp is burning too much not worth it to get blisters. You can always reapply bleach... better to be patient! My hair still feels very soft!" - @ladygaga

Next up, a colour revolution that isn't new, but certainly hasn't shown potential as a widepread trend before. It's called "split-dye" or, more simply, "half and half hair". Or, to put it in a more modern contect, #splitdye and #halfandhalfhair.

This one is a bottom-up trend, led by real people rather than celebrities, all thanks to the newest pillar of society that is social media. Pop these hashtags into Instagram and you're met with a plethora of half-and-half colour jobs that seem to be catching on like wildfire. The idea (quite simply) is to dye one side of your hair one colour and the other side a different colour. I love a good grassroots style statement and this is just that.

Both of the above are claiming to end ombré, but if you're not really into making a huge statement with your hair colour, and the notion of ombré's death is making you want to buy a mourning veil, fear not. There's also a super-natural takeover happening in the form of micro-highlights and hair contouring.

What? And what?

Hair contouring chart by Charles Worthington.

Okay, by now you'll probably have attempted to follow one of the many YouTube tutorials on the cheekbone-defining makeup that is contouring. This is, despite the Kardashian-Minaj approach of all-out chiseling, supposed to be a subtle, undetectable definition of your natural features. Hair contouring is no different - it uses colour to create highlights and shadows that in their own way attempt to enhance or play down certain features of your overall look. It can create the effect of more volume in your hair, bring out your cheekbones and even make your eye colour more vibrant.

Dreamy hair contouring finish from our Percy Street salon - we're obsessed with this look... - @cwhairlondon

Micro highlights can, for example, placed around the front of your hair to brighten up the face but without being obviously there, and also make scary roots a thing of the past. You will need a very experienced colourist to be able to understand these things, though, so don't skimp on it. Spend some time figuring out what you'd like and have a good, focused consultation. (Seek out Marc Trinder at Charles Worthington's Percy Street salon for the cream of the crop).

Finally, another trend that is grabbing celebrities and Instagrammers alike - candy colours. Pink, purple, green, blue, peach... it isn't just one, it's any of the above. Celebs have been feeding the paparazzi with unexpected colour reveals for years now (see my previous post on this for reference), but it's always temporary and constantly changing. Recently, Kesha chose to go acid green, Jourdan Dunn plumped for purple at Coachella, and Madonna, Natasha Bedingfield and Kaley Cuoco all headed for various shades of pink.

"The Madonna of the Pinks" #riseandshineNYC #BitchimMadonna #madonna @madonna @andylecompte @andylecomptesalon#boomboomroom #regram #majormooncolor#andylecompte#nycdiaries - @majormoonn

If you're wanting to give this a try, just do it. The idea is that you're not making a commitment - you're keeping people on their toes. My current favourite range of semi-permanent colours are by Bleach London, who have a moderate range based on more fashion-forward pastel looks. Plus, with amazing names like 'Washed Up Mermaid', 'Sea Punk' and 'Awkward Peach', you feel a kind of affinity to your "signature" look (which has the potential to last all of a fortnight before you're drawn to the next one).

Of course, you can combine these - try split-dye with platinum blonde once side and dusty pink the other and you will quite simply be rocking three trends at once. Just give others a chance, fashionista! ;)

For more info, here's a massive bunch of links for you to get click-happy with:

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...and Marc Trinder's page at Charles Worthington: http://www.charlesworthington.com/marc-trinder/

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Get your hands on Bleach London goodies: