I'm already up to my neck in Fashion Week and awards season, and I already buy every fashion magazine every month, so blogging and reading takes up a lot of my spare time, (not forgetting I also manage a salon full time). And yet, every week without fail, I find myself dashing around Birmingham mid-commute looking for a Stylist distributor, wondering if Evie, Sam and Anita (their beauty department) have explored the world of hair this week. One of the regular beauty features of Stylist is 'Trend on Trial', which questions whether runway makeup and hair trends are particularly wearable - and this is the kind of thing I love. What's more, they invite readers to share their results on Twitter.

So, here's my plan: I'm going to do just that. If the ToT is a hair trend, I'll give it my best shot and try it out and pop it up right here on the HedRock blog. The bigger challenge, of course, is I'm a boy and I have rather short hair in the grand scheme of things - so some might have to be adapted. I wanted to try last week's bridal/floral trend with more of a gothic with to man it up a little bit, but didn't find the time. So this week I jumped on it immediately. (By the by, if you click the "trend on trial" tag on the right, you'll find one more that I did back in September).

This week's was inspired by the Ashish SS14 tribal spray-on colour look. Somehow during the feature it got a little morphed. Evie and Sam went to town on their barnets with bright colours and then recommended hair chalks for readers to try out. But this is what's supposed to happen in the fashion world; a kind of Chinese whisper that dilutes a loud trend to a wearable one.

Stylists prepping at Ashish SS14

Now, remarkably, I don't own any hair chalks. But I've met enough session stylists and makeup artists to know that you work with what you've got - even if what you've got is Sleek eyeshadow...

Yeah, that's right. I put makeup in my hair - and what? It washes out, and it does the trick. A word of warning if you're going to try this; eyeshadows do vary in their pigmentation, often due to different consistencies for different finishes, i.e. whether it's matte, pearl, metallic etc, which means some will come out brighter and bolder than others. What I did here was choose shades that would compliment both my bleached-up hair and each other. So I went for purple and blues with the odd bit of turquoise and green. I also did this in rough 'layers', sectioning diagonal strips of hair with my fingers, then poking at the eyeshadow and rubbing it through the ends of odd pieces in a kind of faded-out ombré effect. This allowed a kind of 'mingled' result.

Ok, I know it's subtle (actually more so in photos), but it does work really well! It also had a great almost-iridescent, oil-slick effect (can you get more rainbow that that?)

I actually would never have done this, but I'm hoping I get some positive comments today. I shall let you know in due course...