I haven't bought a non-professional hair product in years, but since I'm not currently under employment I can't really spend on salon price tags. However, I did need a new hair product recently, having spent most of the past year using whatever was to hand in the salon and not actually using anything at home. So I decided now was the time to budget shop, get over my snobbery (at least for now) and buy off the high street.

I wanted something that would allow my hair to get some volume and texture into it without over-mattifying it. Immediately that says I'm going to the realm of cremes, waxes and clays. I went into a health & beauty store to look at the offerings. Now, I'm a bit of a product junkie, so it didn't take me long to settle on browsing the Schwarzkopf Got2b range. The reason; I know full well that the Glued products (such as the glue-gel and hairspray) are big favourites with mohawk-wearers, and having had a mohawk in the past I know that the product is everything, so it's a reputation I could get on board with. I ended up stuck between two products, but at £2.49 each, I got both at what would still be a lower price than one product from a professional line.

The products in question are Got2b Glued Spiking Wax and Got2b Rise 'n Shine Volume + Shine Soufflé. Both products were tested on clean, dry and straightened hair.

First up was the soufflé. Visually and tactually, it lives up to that description, being quite aerated - it also has a wonderful fresh scent to it - but when rubbed between the hands it does feel much thicker than expected. This doesn't make the product feel clumpy or stodgy in the hair, though, and it does give a good defined texture. However, the volume is minimal, and only really works if the product is applied to the roots. There isn't much of a hold factor even then; at best, the volume it does give lasts about an hour, and althought it does have a 'reworkable' quality to it, this is more of a necessity than a bonus. It gives less shine than I expected it to, but it's by no means mattifying. Overall, it's a nice product but doesn't work very hard.

The spiking wax was tried next. This one has a somewhat creamy texture and actually felt surprisingly less gunky than the soufflé, which was surprising, as well as a wonderful zingy scent. Described as having the ability to give "remouldable extreme styles", I was expecting a lot more volume than it gave, although it did do a better job than the soufflé. There was less shine, but again it wasn't exactly shine-inhibiting, either. The texture was more prominent, too, having a fluffier finish that was easy to tidy up and tease into place. This lasted for a couple of hours, so a better hold than the soufflé, but that was to be expected anyway, and when reworked (by rubbing at the roots with fingertips to revamp the volume) it instantly popped back to life. Still, I would have thought that something from the same range as mohawk-freezing hairspray would have had more impact. 

In summary, these products don't work quite as hard as a lot of the professional-grade counterparts I've used, but the finishes were by no means unpleasant. The hold just wasn't quite there. Of the two I definitely think the Spiking Wax is more fit for purpose, but I sense that a combination of the two might work best - the wax worked in from the roots out to get better volume and hold and the soufflé to separate and define the ends with a little more shine. I may be expecting a bit much hold from a product of this type if I'm honest. I think a quick flash of one of my favourite hairsprays would finish the job perfectly, though that would mean a less reworkable style.

Find out more about Schwarzkopf Got2b products here: http://www.got2b.schwarzkopf.co.uk/got2b/uk/en/home/productfinder.html