TRESemmé recently launched the first mass-market reverse wash & care range, Beauty-Full Volume, meaning that this approach is soon to be a topic of heated discussion. Like co-washing and no-poo approaches, reverse care joins a movement of new ideas that aim to revolutionise our haircare routines from the ground up.

Despite this claiming to be the "first" range, this isn't a new idea. Speaking to Refinery 29 last year, Nina Dimachki,artistic director for Kérastase, advocated this method for a number of hair types, including highlighted, tangle-prone, thick or coarse. For this, Kérastase developed their Résistance Thérapiste range, with a pre-treatment and then a balm-in-shampoo cleanser.

Ojon, whose co-wash product, Rare Blend Cleansing Conditioner, has been on my shelf for a long time now, also offer a treatment that is so rich it comes with a recommendation to wash out using shampoo. This, however, is still best followed with a regular rinse-out conditioner after washing. It's called Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus, and is specially formulated to strengthen chemically damaged hair.