I'm just going to come out and say this up front: the red carpet for this years VMAs was predominantly a parade for predictable and unimaginative hairstyles. There was way too much of the 'loose-curls-stroke-glamorous-undone-wave'. Usually music industry awards shows tend to bring the fun, but I was left a little unenthused. So much so that I'm going to do one of my quick 'Top 5' edits for this show and save the deep discussion for the much-more interesting Emmys.

Thankfully, there were a few saving graces. Kinda.

#5: Beyonce reps the cliché

If anybody can do the aforementioned red carpet waves to perfection, you can bet it'll be Beyonce. But then this is a lady who never gets her style too far from flawless. Well done Bey, you crept into my top five by doing the obvious but doing it well.

#4: Taylor Swift's beachy lob

The "lob" (portmanteau: ''long bob') is an 'easy' haircut that's usually presented in a smooth, free-flowing way. Now, Taylor's hair when straight is shoulder-length and wouldn't qualify as a lob, but with more bounce like these beachy curls, it's about the right length, and it'a great way to perk up your look. She usually comes in the top two, maybe three, at red carpet events, but this falls a little short unfortunately. The pretty face really helps.

#3: Kesha and her rainbow hues

This isn't really that new - Kesha actually did this colour two weeks ago - but she probably did it in preparation for the show, so we'll count it. Honestly, I love this. Usually I hate rainbow hair because it looks tacky, but this is really well put together and looks quite classy. Which (let's be honest) is quite an achievement in itself for Kesha.

#2: Gwen Stefani and her relentless advocacy of pin-up hair

This isn't even that well done. But she was seriously the only person to even go there, and for that, I must give her credit. Sure, this is Gwen beating the dead horse that is her victory rolls, but she's doing it an a magenta two-piece couture number with matching lipstick and she looks so happy that she still pulls it off, even if it is a little sloppy. Maybe she ran out of time. She's Gwen Stefani. Let's not question her.

#1: Kelly Rowland actually doing something creative.

Whilst Beyonce barely scrapes the bottom of the mentionable 'dos, former co-Child (and with child) Kelly Rowland pips the rest to the post for having a braid. Just a braid, really. It had character, and that's what I liked. She's positively beaming (possibly due to pregnancy hormones), and see all know what confidence does for your look. Unfortunately, Beyonce took the only award Kelly was nominated for. So I hereby present Ms Rowland with the HedRock Award for 'Not The Dullest Hair on the Red Carpet'. Congrats, girl.