This years MTV Movie Awards red carpet was a plethora of eclectic style that did not disappoint. Here's a rundown of my favourite moments...

Hailee Steinfeld and Maia Mitchell keep it simple

There once was a time when the slightest sniff of an awards invite would have celebs heating up their curling tongs and reaching for the extra-hold lacquer. But the 2010s have lightly ushered in a return to simplicity, and these ladies embody that simplicity perfectly.

Interestingly, both have opted for centre partings (a trend rife on this red carpet), with a natural texture that falls somewhere between straight and waved. The emphasis here is on perfection - as simple at it looks, the right techniques and products should be employed to ensure your strands are in top condition and stay in place. Add in a smoky eye, flawless skin and nude lip and you're set.

Hailee Steinfeld

Maia Mitchell

Jessie J's 70s vibe

I had a bit of an 'upon closer inspection' moment with this one. At first, I thought Jessie's hair was passable but not remarkable, and that her slouchy, sparkly suit and round sunnies seemed a little incongruous, but then I saw the little braids at the front, then everything kind of clicked and it all seemed rather Woodstock and, well, fabulous.

Another centre parting here - we haven't seen it so popular since the 90s! But it's updated; the above observation just go to show that the little details make all the difference. Word of advice; don't pair these mini braids with the current 90's revival or you'll look too referential. Try it with eveningwear instead.

Cara Delevingne looking flawless

I must find out who did Cara's hair for this even and congratulate them, because this is just immaculate.

Despite being a hybrid of finger wave and ponytail and meticulously placed, it doesn't look contrived. And despite being paired with a high neckline (courtesy of a fabulous Reem Acra choice), it doesn't look dated and matronly. Nope, Cara makes pretty much anything look cool and youthful. And yet she took this as another opportunity to tell people she's "not a model"? Please.

Willow Shields looking classic

I'm giving this a mention because her hair is so beautiful. It's a classic, and Lana del Rey did it better, but it's got super shine and looks super soft. It's pretty much the embodiment of every hair product advertisement ever made, but in real life. It is a little trite for a red carpet look, especially with the red lip, but brownie points for at least nailing it.

Bai Ling's towering topknot

The award for general insanity goes to... Bai Ling, whose gravity-defying hair was actually played down by her dragon/breastplate combination. Or, as I like to see it, an outfit that permits more interesting hair. This does mean that the reverse is pretty much true, though - don't attempt to mimic this on a trip down to Lidl in your day-off jersey two piece. It won't work.

And finally, my undying love for Kelly Osbourne

Every single time this girl hits the red carpet I'm slayed by her taste. This time is no different. Her hair has gone into full-on hawk territory, this time knotted up with black and white stitching. With that signature colour and the level of versatility she seems to manage, I have nothing but respect, envy and a teeny bit of obsession with her style. She's wearing McQueen, too. #preach