Remember when I said punk was making a comeback? Well, one of the biggest fashion events on the annual calendar just RSVP'd the trend by making it the theme for 2013. The biggest stars were in attendance and I almost had a little heart attack over some of the sheer fabulousness of the hair on display. Brace yourselves... things are about to get good.

I'm sorting this by punk's definitions, of which it has many. Remember, make it your own!

1. Step outside of your box

Zooey Deschanel is practically defined by her fringe, so I must admit that despite being somewhat a super-fan, (I've seen the vast majority of her screen appearances), I didn't even recognise her with her forehead on show. This look adds a few years, but in a very good way. She doesn't have the innocent, child-like quality she's known for here. In fact, I like her more womanly. Approved.

2. Be in a punk band

Nothing says "I'm punk" quite like, well, being punk. Okay, No Doubt - and Gwen Stefani in particular - lost their true edge years ago somwehere during the Rock Steady/Hollaback Girl time-frame - but when it's your background, it's always in your blood. Gwen's cat-eye liner and bold red lip are staples for her, but the hair's contrasting hard/soft mix gives a little more oopmh to it's inherent class. Faux-hawk, anyone?

And just for good measure, here's my favourite girl of the moment doing something similar yet much more grungy:

3. Dye your hair pink

Okay - blue, green, purple, orange - anything like that will do. But pink hair is THE celebrity trends of 2013, (see other blog posts for Helen Mirren, Dakota Fanning and Nick Grimshaw). Here, Diane Kruger sports a dip-dyed ponytail with a gloriously fiddly double-pony-pincurl-put-up style.

4. Go larger than life

Punk deals very well with extremes, and we all know Nicki Minaj is no stranger to that. Thankfully, then, she pulls off a massive blonde 'fro with ease. Minaj might not be the closest thing to the Sex Pistols sonically, but she certainly carries a lot of the colour and energy that punk requires, and that should be saluted.

5. Look like you live your life by it.

I want to say that this is a little more goth than it is punk, but not only would that be splitting hairs, it wouldn't follow punk's 'anything goes so be yourself' ethic. What matters most is that Rooney, unlike a of of the celebs at the ball, doesn't look like she's trying too hard. She looks like she just rocked up to the red carpet looking like this on her own terms. It might not be the ultra-choppy Dragon Tattoo crop, but this incredible up-do is so super-trendy for this season - and if we're honest; this is a fashion event, not Rebellion Festival. She nailed it.

6. Have sex appeal

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in fishnet, leather and zips. Just killer, if we're honest. Her hair is coiffed to perfection, and I absolutely adore the style. If it weren't for the outfit, I might have said that this misses the mark, but with that outift and the red lip, she's basically catwoman to the sound of distortion, and she's showing the perfect amount of flesh to make this sexy without being trashy.

7. Shock people

If my mouth is agape and my heart is racing, one of two things just happened. One, a new song by a four-piece garage band just blew my mind, or two, Anne Hathaway just bleached her hair. I'll give you a hint - it's the latter. Not content with chopping it off for Les Mis and winning everyone over in the process, Hathway just seems to want to up the shock factor again. So far removed from tumbling, feminine, brunette locks is this hair that you'd have to Google a picture of her in The Devil Wears Prada to check it was really her. And still, she looks spectacular.

8. Have conviction... and wear Giles

No, that's not Sarah Jessica Parker with a mohawk, or at least not a real one. It's a Philip Treacy headpiece, worn alongside an amazing Giles Deacon gown that can't be seen in this picture. You would think that with an outfit as stunning as this, the hair would be unnoticeable, but some clever hairstylist managed to make a real feature out of a curved fishtail plait and the look flows seamlessly. Proving once again that she knows her fashion inside-out and top-to-toe, SJP is the clear winner for me.

9. Spike it!

I won't lie to you and say I'm a Miley Cyrus fan, but this really is quite a literal interpretation of the trend. Ear piercings, bright red lip, fishnet... oh, and cropped, bleached, spiked hair. I have seen this look at so many gigs that I just can't knock Miley's authenticity. It's extremely well thought out.

10. DON'T be a faker.

...of course, there has to be a worst look. Colouring your hair grey and your skin brown doesn't make you punk, it makes you a try-hard. I don't know if this is Nicole Richie's actual look or if it was for the event only, but it sorely misses the mark. I grimaced when I first saw this. And then every other time after.

All in all, this was a red carpet that got me more excited than I've ever been before. Awesome people with awesome style. And if this doesn't whet your appetite for Autumn/Winter, I suggest you stay away from fashion magazines from September onwards. This trend is in full motion already!