Compiling this one really took it out of me! There was no shortage of notable 'dos at this years Grammys. Join me on the red carpet for the highs, the lows and the plain bizarre.

Everybody's talking about... Iggy Azalea's statement braids

As a hairstylist, I can assure you that this takes some skill and patience. I love it! It has certainly garnered the most attention of the Grammys hair parade. (Well, almost. There's one ostentatious duo that certainly took the poll position, which you'll see shortly). Iggy is definitely no wallflower* so I'm glad she opted for something this striking. Highest seal of approval!

*(see Twitter fight with Papa Johns that actually made more news than her hair).

Rita Ora looked FLAWLESS

Seriously, though. That colour and cut is happening so much that you don't even notice how laid back and simple the style is. I firmly believe that if you're going to do 'easy' hair then you have to have the perfect foundations to work on, and that's exactly what Rita has. Also, dress: flawless. Makeup: flawless. 100% classy.

Kim Kardashian keeps on trying to break the Internet

There's always the nudity, but with a fanbase like hers, simply a haircut is enough to send girls into a frenzy. She had it chopped into this lob a couple of days prior to the awards, and I for one am glad if it curbs the relentless requests for long, blow-dried waves that give you all of the arm-ache (hairdressers - who's with me?) Not only is the length gone, but the super-silkiness is too, replaced by an easy, voluminous texture, created by Michael Silva using Bumble and bumble's Surf Spray (source).

Kelly and Katy continued to rep pastel purple

Kelly Osbourne

Katy Perry

Kelly O has had this hue for a long time now, and once again she brings versatility to the table with an elegant bombshell look, twinned with a super chic Cristian Siriano frock. Kelly is one of my favourite red carpet ladies for her hair experiments and she never lets me down. Perry also rocked the lavender hue in a sparkly Zuhair Murad gown and stunning smoky eyes. I'm one to think that she makes more misses than hits on a day to day basis, but a hit this definitely is.

Ciara and Nicki Minaj kinda matched


Nicki Minaj

Both wore black and both wore their hair slicked back at the front whilst left to hang loose at the back. Ciara's was a bolder take on the look, quite reminiscent of the dual texture trend that first showed itself in a big way back in 2013 (see my blog post here). That's a two-year trickle down from runway to red carpet, which is slower than usual but definitely noteworthy. Minaj, meanwhile, opted for something a little more relaxed - which is something that can probably only be said for her hair.

Some of the couture runway looks maifested... sort of


Keltie Knight

When I posted a blog predicting the red carpet season's hair the other day, (it's here), there were a couple of looks I only half expected to see. One was the veils that appeared at Chanel and Giambattista Valli. Now Madge isn't actually wearing a veil, per se; it's a hair with a lace veil attached. It's also part of a Givenchy bolero look that, along with Dolce & Gabbana, forms one of the more striking trends of the SS15 season. The other was The Insider presenter Keltie Knight's multiple-banded ponytail, a look seen - though in a much more rigid and severe way - at Armani Privé. This is definitely one of spring's more relatable trends, and I'm hoping I see it more in the street.

Sia and Maddie Ziegler did... this:

This is the aforementioned duo that stole Iggy Azalea's headlines. Now let me just say that as an avant garde fan and on a purely aesthetic level I freaking LOVE this. It's weird, it's provocative and it's downright attention grabbing. But this isn't an editorial shoot for i-D. This is a red carpet, and weird, provocative and attention grabbing is amplified a whole lot more when you're surrounded with shiny blow-dries and dazzling gowns. Maddie Ziegler, dancer in Sia's Chandelier video, joined her for a performance of the song in which Sia kept her back to the audience and Kristen Wiig was invited. I'm sure you saw it. And if you didn't, I'm sure you'll Google it. These white wigs are slightly reminiscent of the sculpted hair at Rick Owens' SS13 RTW show, but much, much more. (I still approve, ya know).

Other ladies who looked fabulous in a simpler way

Lady Gaga didn't have even a sniff of the usual avant garde about her tonight as she arrived to perform with current collaborator Tony Bennett. But that didn't stop her looking fierce and flawless and no less my favourite girl. (Oh, bias...) Gaga chose to go with one of her many lace-fronts, this one a perfect platinum in a classy, sleek wave.

Taylor Swift looked as beautiful as ever, but really has been lacking in the hair department for the last couple of red carpet blogs I've had her in, whereas she used to come tops. That said, this is still perfectly polished and very flattering, just a little too simple. (The Elie Saab gown though - oh, my!)

Gwen Stefani with a fabulous quiff/pleat style that flatters her face no end. It's no secret that Ms Stefani knows how to rock her style, own it and still completely win, though. She's a total natural.

And finally, Jessie J's hair is seriously growing in! I still completely adored her shaved, bleached look for Comic Relief (a whole TWO years ago), but she really knows how to grow it out. This raven-toned, perfectly slick androgynous look is actually extremely flattering on her. I must make comment on the makeup too, for it is perfect. That crimson lip = divine.

Wait, when I said "finally", I mean the good ones...

There were, inevitably, one or two hair flops going on. Namely:

Kat Bennett


Kat Bennet's look is the reversal of a common predicament. Quite often bad hair is a good idea, badly executed. Hers is a well-executed, unflattering yawn-fest of an idea. It's just too polished. The bun is just sat on top of her smooth head like a little perfect wrap of nothingness. It has no character. If it did have a teensy bit of character, a little texture or a braid or something, I'd simply have found it too unremarkable to mention. But it's so boring it's actually bad.

Rihanna, on the other hand, had an even piddlier bun and it was badly executed. I don't even know what to say about those random strays that are just sticking out. It's boring, but it's also a mess. And I'm utterly disappointed because Rihanna never goes wrong with her hair. She's been subjected to this, sure... but RiRi, you OK'd this. Shame on you.