I do love awards season. I love awards season so much that in order to blog about it properly, I finally bought a new computer. It’s something I’m going to regret later in the month when I’m hungry, but at least I’ll have written ‘til my heart’s content about fabulous things - like celebrities clad in couture and coiffed to within an inch of their lives... it’s what I love.

And the Grammys is one of the best, too. Whereas the film awards ceremonies have a refined-ness to them (most of the time), musicians are less uptight creatures and like to express themselves a bit more readily, which makes for great blogging because I don’t have to sift through pictures constantly saying to myself, “well, it’s kinda cool... but too obvious/pretty/simple”. No, they give me too many options. But I whittle it down to my top ten every time, ruthlessly culling the women who look great but not as amazing as the ones who made the shortlist. (I hereby apologise to P!nk, Anna Faris and Ciara).

Let’s get stuck in...


#10: Bonnie McKee

I shan’t lie, I have no idea who Bonnie McKee is. I’ve never heard a song by her (that I know of). But damn, her colour is just awesome!

I think I prefer the big volume she seems to have in a lot of the Google results I get simply by searching her name, but this is still great, and the reason it works is because it’s ombré – dual-texture accentuates dip-dyed colour, so this looks extremely fresh and vibrant. Hot!


#9: Paris Hilton

I shan’t lie, I have heard of Paris Hilton and I’m not a fan, but I won’t deny that even people I don’t like can wear good hair, so she has an obligatory place on my list because this is just gorgeous:

It’s actually very simple to create a look like this, especially when the goal is for it to look effortless. None of that sentence is by any means a slur; quick, effortless hair is massively in fashion and when it comes across in such a sophisticated manner, it’s a win.


#8: Kelly Osbourne

I know I spend a lot of my ‘top 10’s justifying why people are not in the top half, but here’s another.

Her hair was better at the Golden Globes this year, the slicked-back wet look was both more youthful and more flattering, but Kelly’s hair still looks totally awesome against the rest of the red carpet guests because she’s got that signature colour going on, AND sometime in the last week she’s had her roots done and everything freshened up so it’s super-duper shiny!


#7: Alicia Keys

This is such a rockin ‘do; perfectly executed and so modern. And when you’re wearing Armani couture and Zanotti shoes, what better way to mix stuff up than the ladies’ equivalent of a greaser quiff?

My one gripe is that this is a little ageing. She could have fixed that with makeup that has more impact. But for just a hairstyle, it’s excellent.


#6: Taylor Swift

She was my clear winner at the Golden Globes, and she makes the top 10 again here with this beautifully finished voluminous ponytail:

What I like about Taylor’s hair is that it always looks so healthy. What I love about Taylor’s hair is that it’s unbelievably versatile. It must be a dream to work with, because it takes to and holds whatever style it’s given. This is another flawless one.


#5: Rita Ora

I absolutely adore a classic curl and Rita pulls this off perfectly!

Rita usually wears her hair curled or waved anyway because it suite her face shape well, but it’s nice to see it a little more polished and glamorous for an event like this. Plus, can we just take a moment to appreciate that smoky eye!? Bam!


#4: Iggy Azalea

Stop. Look.

I looooooove this! There is pretty much zero complication here, it’s so laid back its ridiculous but please, for the love of all that is good and pure, take note on how to perfectly match understated slicked back hair to an outfit. This Elie Saab gown is pure white, has an incredible cut and a LOT of sophistication and dresses the hair up whilst the hair, simultaneously, plays the dress down a little and makes Iggy look young, cool and expensive all at the same time. It’s a hard equilibrium to master but the balance is absolutely spot on. A-Plus.


#3: Anna Kendrick

This is a look I’ve styled a fair few times for shoots, weddings and parties and it’s always a winner.

The hair is pinned back nice and tight on one side but allows for volume across from the parting into those gorgeous, tumbling waves on the opposite side. The key to getting it to look like this, though, is to master the blow-dry to get big, smooth volume into it. You can’t simply use a wand and do it quickly and have it look this smart. Always seek professional assistance!

Not quite #1 because it’s a bit obvious (I seriously thought that wouldn’t be a pitfall this time).


#2: Katy Perry

Yeah, I mean, SERIOUSLY:

WOW. I know, it should be in the top spot but there is a reason it’s not. We’ll get to that in a moment but first, let’s just talk about how epic this look is! It’s, like, laser-precision perfect – not a hair out of place. I can’t even get my head around the method of that insanely big wrapped bun. It’s absolutely stellar. The only thing, and it’s a tiny detail, is that the textures shold match better. I think the bun is artificial hair. But you’d really need a trained eye to know it, so no marks knocked off. Winner!


#1: Cyndi Lauper

Damn, girl. You DO wanna have fun, don’t you?!

Let’s start with what wrong with it, or at least on paper. It’s messier than Katy’s. You can see the pins and there’s bits hanging out. It’s nowhere near as well-finished.

But ya know what, that’s also everything that’s right with it. And it’s a bright red curly faux-hawk against ivory skin with red lips and it’s all on Cyndi frickin’ Lauper. It makes me happy, it’s just SO HedRock. This is the kind of thing that makes my heart skip a beat; perfection in imperfection, and how to look better than all the young girls on the red carpet at 60 years of age. She killed it! They might as well have just ended the Grammys there. Show’s over. Cyndi wins everything.