The BRITS isn't a formal occasion, it's a party. As I said for the Grammy's red carpet, musicians are ostentatious creatures, and like to make an impression, as such, the BRIT Awards red carpet was full of a fair few yeas and nays. However, as it's Fashion Week and I'm swamped with runway stuff to do, and had the BAFTAs the other day and the Oscars next week, I'm just going to keep this one short and go with the best five.

#5: Fearne Cotton

Let's be honest, this isn't very inventive, but I'm giving Fearne brownie points for diversity, going from her super-classy volume curls and slinky gold gown at the BAFTAs to this youthful fresh look, complete with a cute silver dress and hard-case handbag. I like that her 'do for the most part looks fresh and the wave is gorgeous, but if I were her hairdresser I'd have taken that blunt weight out at the bottom. It hardens the look up a little too much.

#4: Boy George

I highly doubt that Boy George has the ability to be conservative in his appearance, so it's not unexpected for him to make an impression, but what's bound to be unexpected is how he executes that. Cue leather, flicked liner and a bloody eye, jarringly paired with a very happy grin. Why all this? He told Vogue that it's because he's a "fashion victim" - hence the makeup that looked like heed been smacked in the face. Ah, a preemptive ironic strike. Well played. Of course, his pompadour is simply fabulous. Men, (or boys), don't tend to make it onto my red carpet rundowns, but props to this one for doing something a little interesting, (and opting for skate shoes instead of oxfords).

#3: Ellie Goulding

She looks a bit like a 8-year-old princess/bridesmaid hybrid in that Vivienne Westwood, but that kind of suits Ellie's sweet-as-sugar all round appearance. To complete this innocent look, she wore her hair very loose into a simple side-braid. Pretty, yes. In-keeping with the theme of 'child who can't take of party dress for a week after', definitely. And well executed, I don't refute that. But it's just not very interesting, keeping her off the top spot.

#2: Iggy Azalea

I, for one, don't have 'classy' at the top of my list of immediate adjectives when wanting to describe Iggy Azalea, so it came as a very pleasant surprise to see her so ladylike! In a beautiful floor-length Elie Saab gown, she looked very chic, but that hair was what made me happy! A gorgeous finger wave trailed back into a flawless chignon. It could have looked a little severe and dated, but the colour of the dress, the white eyeliner and the tattoo all made that hairstyle look young and even a little bit edgy.

#1: Lily Allen

How could this not be the winner? Even without the hair, the 1965 Norrell sequined gown and Chanel clutch are concentrated awesomeness on their own. But when you match your hair to your Chanel clutch... well, the result speaks for itself. Now the news reports on Google are saying that this is her "new hair" but I don't think OK! and The Mirror are particular specialists in style, and I'll eat my words later if that isn't a hairpiece, and a seamlessly integrated one at that. If it is her own hair, I love it even more. For those of you who might not grasp my aesthetic, this is what a HedRocker looks like.