Despite the rather more conspicuous Grammys happening across the pond, this years BAFTA Awards remained a glitzy and star-studded event. Here's a run-down of the hair trends we saw on the red carpet...

The outcome as predicted - side-swept glamour!

If you missed my red carpet season predictions (see it here), easily the most obvious trend for the season across the couture runways and the red carpet is an easy asymmetry, achieved by pushing back thew hair on one side:

Amy Adams

Charlotte Riley

Hayley Atwell

Keira Knightley

In all honesty this is a red carpet staple. It's flattering on most people and easy to do. Add those waves for a touch of glam and you're onto a surefire win. But that just makes it all too simple. My favourite here was Amy Adams, who usually turns up with an elegant bun or victory roll, taking a youthful turn with perfectly polished, super straight hair.

Speaking of waves, though...

Julianne Moore

Reese Witherspoon

Two ladies who also played it on the safer side were Julianne Moore and Reese Witherspoon. That said, I do really like both. Reese plumped for a very current soft relaxed texture, which is wearable both day and night and makes being on trend a breeze. Julianne Moore, on the other hand, had the perfect, not-a-hair-out-of-place blow wave that has become so associated with events such as this. It's predictable, but it's bound to work.

Stop press! Classic styles a-coming in...

If there's any way to balance out the predictability of waves in abundance, it's with a perfectly-coiffed timeless classic:

Holliday Grainger

Lea Seydoux

Holliday Grainger turned up with a classic and perfectly prim marcel wave, paired with flawlessly natural makeup, delicate jewellery and a pretty white dress, giving a subtle yet determined level of sophistication. But it was Lea Seydoux who stole the carpet for me, with her blonde tresses side parted and tucked under and the ends, exposing the one ear to form a look that hits all the sweet spots without being even slightly contrived. Add to this a sunny yellow gown and the absolute perfect shade of red lipstick and you have an A+ in red carpet style.

Finally, 'Hit, Miss & Maybe', HedRock style...

The remaining looks have their own stand out character for one reason or another...


Natalie Dormer

You could be forgiven for thinking that Natalie Dormer looks like a blonde Wilma Flintstone here, (yep, you cannot unsee it). Fortunately Wilma had taste, and although this doesn't quite hit the spot for me that Lea Seydoux's does, I love that Natalie offers up some versatility. The past couple of times I've blogged her red carpet looks, she's opted for the aforementioned uniform waves. Let's not forget that last year she had one side of her hair clippered down to the skin for the last installment of The Hunger Games, though. So it's good to see something a little more swept-up and creative now that hair is growing back in.


Rosamund Pike

Oh dear. It's not the worst hair I've ever seen, not by a wide margin, but Rosamund, is that... dented? This doesn't quite fit the 'easy texture' bill, nor does it look tidied up enough to be 'classic waves'. It just falls flat. And it's imbalanced. The hair on the dented side - note the shadow at about jaw level - has blunt, sticky-out ends, while the other side curls up to above jaw level. Now, I'm a fan of asymmetry, but this just looks unfinished. And it's a shame, because everything else about her looks great.


Anne Marie Duff

I really don't know where I'm landing on this. You could say it's whimsical ringlets offering a nymph-like quality. Or you could say she looks like a poodle that's overdue a visit to the groomers. I think I'm leaning toward the former, but suffice to say it's a risky look, especially with that sheer white lacy bodice and the milkmaid braid. We are not at a woodland wedding. The jury is out...