It's red carpet time again! This week we're on our own turf, with the BAFTAs and Brits within days of each other! Here's the 10 best looks from last night.

Michelle Rodriguez

A lovely beachy wave, but does it really go with that Emilio de la Morena dress? Not really... her hair says 'laid back' but that leatherette bodice is anything but. Of the two, I prefer the dress, so a little more polished on the hair would have been better!

Gillian Anderson

The low-slung loose pony is all over London Fashion Week right now, so it's spot on! But I have the same problem as above - it doen't go with the vintage Balmain haute couture - that's a special gown, girl! Treat it with some respect an wear an updo.

Edith Bowman

Gosh I love this! She's got the long black gown, very classic, but the full fringe and fluffy texture keep it so youthful!

Amy Adams

Another black gown, but Amy goes to the opposite extreme to Edith with a perfectly-polished, side-parted chignon look. She would actually run the risk of looking too old by comparison, but the makeup keeps her looking radiant (dewy skin + deep red lip = to die for).

Lily Allen

I put Lily smack bang in the middle because whilst I do think she looks a bit tacky cabaret with that pink headpiece, I love that she's having fun with it. Clearly the most fun-injected look on the entire red carpet! And in Vivienne Westwood couture, it's actually quite apt.

Uma Thurman

Spectacularly dressed in Atelier Versace and, like Edith Bowman, found a way of dressing it down but not too much. This carefully-textured, loosely-braided updo is perfect on her.

Cate Blanchett

Preach Cate, wearing McQueen! Preach that pretty, loosely-worn chignon! This is gorgeous, classy and eleegant and so perfect on her.

Oprah Winfrey

I love this fabulous 'fro, it's got sass AND style (not an easy combination to pull off).What's more, if that is one of those 90s spring-y comb hairbands, Helmut Lang showed them in New York for autumn/winter - way to stay ahead of the trend!

Lea Seydoux

Did anyone order perfection? Because it just arrived in the form of French red carpet freshman Lea Seydoux, who wore a gorgeus blue dress that was sheer from the thigh to the floor. Classy and fashion forward! But it was this even more gorgeous wave that put Lea in at #2 for me!

Fearne Cotton

This must have been the most talked about 'do at this years BAFTAs. The balance and proportion of those curls is actually melting me, it's so hot. And that gold Scaasi gown to boot. The best part was that she showed up Hollywood actors and actresses whilst simply hosting the red carpet for E! Ladies, consider your thunder well and truly stolen; Queen Cotton takes the crown.