Ah, is there any red carpet more glamorous than the Oscars? I mean sure, it was saturated with rainwater  and Jennifer Lawrence fell over (again), but it's almost guaranteed to be dripping with diamonds and satin, hair up in classy buns and more A-listers than you can shake your proverbial at. This red carpet was a real mixed bag of hits and misses, but for the most part our leading ladies looked fantastic. Let's see how it all went down...

#10: Liza Minnelli

There's a reason Liza is at number 10 on this list - because I wanted to give her recognition for what she's doing even though she's breaking a few cardinal sins. First, she has a blue streak in her hair - that's the stuff of 13 year old girls at One Direction concerts. Second, she has a blue streak to match her blue satin pajama-esque separates. No... just no. HOWEVER... It's Liza Minnelli. She can do whatever she pleases. It's Liza in electric blue and that's okay, because it's Liza and she's FABULOUS. She does it with conviction and she's not afraid of it. It's like when Helen Mirren dyed her hair pink for last year's BAFTAs - that was also FABULOUS. You just don't question these women.

#9: Kelly Osbourne

Kelly O and her purple hair are red carpet regulars, and always seem to make it to my reports... I'm lying if I say the colour doesn't sway me, but she knows versatility, and that's the real reason. We've already seen slick-back and straight-and-smooth looks from Kelly this year, and now it's the turn of pin-curls. She carried this look with both grace AND cheeky attitude, which ain't easy. She was also one of few celebs who Instagrammed herself having her hair/makeup done in preparation for the event (love a good behind-the-scenes peek). Oh, to have a lifestyle like that.

#8: Julia Roberts

Julia's hair here is two things; pretty, and pretty simple. It's not a work of genius, but it certainly meets the mark. Hairdresser's Journal uploaded a pic of this look to Facebook and hairdressers ripped it apart, because for the most part, hairdressers are cynical, self-righteous people, (I'm gonna get killed for that opinion). She looks lovely; a low-set, rolled-up chignon is definitely red carpet and I like it. (I won't go on about it, but hairstylists need to stop being snotty for the sake of it).

#7: Charlize Theron & Anne Hathaway

I've put these two ladies together because they're in my Top 10 for the same reason - rocking short hair when it was cut that way for a part (Anne for Les Mis and Charlize for Mad Max). They didn't just nip down to their hairdresser mid-crisis and get it all cut of in a moment of ill-willed, self-defining confusion (you know who you are, girls!). Theron's hair is growing back in soooo beautifully despite the fact she wasn't keen on her crop, and Hathaway could not look more comfortable in her skin. Let this be a moment of solace for all of you who followed suit and then second-guessed yourselves. It's possible that short haircuts can look stunning as long as you commit.

#6: Jennifer Lawrence

JLaw is a step ahead of the girls in #7 because she just doesn't give a crap. That's conviction and then some. I think I do prefer her with a fringe but this look is s perfectly executed. It's easy and effortless without being floppy or half-done - and it's not that it doesn't look amazing as a hairstyle, it's just that it's a little ageing on Jen. But props to her for doing it! It also takes a special girl to fall over on the Oscars red carpet two years in a row. Bless.

#5: Lady Gaga

It's my girl! It's no secret that I'm a Little Monster, and not ashamed of it either. I could be totally biased and put Gaga right up at #1 just for showing up (and for her playful Instagramming with Kelly O) but this look isn't quite perfect. First off, let's clear up that this is a lace-front and not her own hair, so that considered it's immaculately presented and I looove the pin-up-pony detail at the back. Her hair is gorgeous - but it really does nothing for her face shape. I'm not one to pick on Gaga for not being clasically pretty I like that about her - but work with what you got. Of course, most people were focusing on that stunning Versace number. No surprise considering her back-and-forth with Donatella this year...

#4: Amy Adams

Amy Adams is like some kind of red carpet wizard. I haven't seen her do a thing wrong this year. It helps that she's ridiculously elegant, but it also helps when her hairstylist is giving her immaculate looks like this vertical roll. Amy can wear classic up-do's better than most - my only criticism here is that it's extremely cliché... but to be honest, who cares? It's perfect.

#3: Anna Kendrick

Like Amy's, but less cliché (slightly). Anna Kendrick's choice of this pleat-cum-chignon is a modernised take on the classic French roll, and with that J Mendel dress, it makes a lot of sense. It's not a classic gown and it asymmetrical - so her hair isn't too classic, and is also asymmetrical. it really is a simple as that. Clear cut win.

#2: Sandra Bullock

Remember at the Golden Globes when I didn't include Sandra Bullock in my red carpet report because of her silly liquorice-allsorts Prabal Gurung gown? I just didn't want to rip into one of my favourite women, I admit. There's that bias again (but I never said HedRock was impartial). So when Sandra was nominated for an Oscar, I knew it was a chance for redemption, and boy did she grab that bull by the horns! Swathed spectacularly in a navy McQueen gown, her hair was swept over one shoulder and curled - just - ugh... too perfectly. She looked amazing. I can't even believe I haven't put her in at #1, but...

#1 Emma Watson

...this is it. Sandra's hair is beautifully perfect, yes, but this is even more perfect in it's imperfection. Emma's look is wearable, both red carpet and high street at the same time. It's got the perfect amount of undone-ness, but also the perfect amount of put-up-ness. It just strikes so many balances it's ridiculous. Those little star accessories, the twists, the texture, the balance - everything. Everything is spot on. And the best part is that in the dress and with the makeup, she doesn't look too old or too young, too dressed up or too dressed down. Watson wins this for me because it's perfect without being perfect. That's exactly how girls should look (in my humble opinion).

BUT, let's not forget that there were misses. I don't usually do this, but... oh, Meryl, you do disappoint me so.

Don't get me wrong, I love Meryl Streep, and I get that she's 64 but this hair is just too wrong on her. It's ageing because it exposes her forehead and leaves nothing to the imagination, drawing your attention to her eyes. I'd have been okay with it if the back were at least gorgeous but, as seen in the bottom-right image (where she's cuddling Glenn Close), even that's underwhelming. It also says something that Death Becomes Her co-star, Goldie Hawn - four years Meryl's senior - looked remarkably younger. And she can't be forgiven for being Meryl Streep and FABULOUS á la Minnelli, because it just didn't sit right. Thankfully though, I'm going to take the heat off her a little...

Could Sally Hawkins look more dowdy? It's not so much the hair - that's kind of nice, in it's own right, although a little overworked. It's that Valentino gown and the hair together. Valentino designs for tall women and Sally is petite at little over 5'. Also it has a high neckline, which really calls for hair-up, because she's losing her neck. Furthermore, it's really, really embroidered, so it looks heavy on her. With the dress and the fringe and those curls, she just looks swamped! Wayyyy too much, girl - you need to edit.