The glitz, the glamour... this years Emmys red carpet was a wonderfully sparkling affair with wonderful, well-coiffed hair!

Here's my top 10 favourites, (in no particular order).

Kelly Osbourne's mohawk

This girl seriously knows how to give us variety. Over the past few times I've blogged her red carpet looks, the only thing that seems to stay constant is that signature lilac hue. This time she flaunted a freshly-shorn mohawk and the fairly recent 'stories' tattoo. This was fabulously femmed-up in a flirtatious Honor gown, dangly earrings and fluttery lashes. Win, win, win!

Allison Janney with longer locks

I'm not saying that this was particularly amazing a hairstyle in itself, but I've never seen Allison with hair this length and it's so flattering on her. The Nicholas Jebran gown could quite easily have looked dowdy had she gone for a more classic look, but the beachy wave makes her look years younger. I totally approve.

Sarah Hyland's top bun

Sarah made it into my top ten for her braid at the Golden Globes back in January, and this time around she's gone for a staple bun ring. It's not bowling anybody over, but there's an effort there and I like that she makes that effort. Everything about her look here seems very well polished, but still a little casual. It's a good balance.

Halle Berry's playful texture

It's not easy to be creative with a short haircut - you can slick it, you can give it some smooth volume, or you can make the excellent choice Halle has made here and wear your sexy, dusty pink Elie Saab with some youthful texture and pulled forward into the face.The daring high slit and rock-chic hairstyle completely offset the elegance of this gowns muted colour and flowing train, and it looks perfect.

Debra Messing looking totally classy

I adore Debra's hair most of the time, (it's that colour - it slays me), but this classic wave worn entirely over one shoulder is on another level. That dress, classic black but still modern in style. the classic smokey eye. Classic, classic, classic and she looks a million dollars. Well, she probably is...

Hayden Panettiere looking almost... bridal?

It's true, or at least it would be were it not for that plunging neckline! This hairstyle is a popular bridal 'do, and with Hayden's maternal body this could easily have come off somewhat 'shotgun wedding'. I do think there's a level of taste here, and her hair does look gorgeous - but I'm still not sure it would have been my first choice.

Julianne Hough rocking windswept!

I loooove this! I love that she has on a slightly-edgy DSquared2 dress, an elegant beaded necklace and then this casual windswept hair to bring all that white back down to a less formal level. The likelihood is her hair is laquered to death but that's what it takes to look this photo-ready and it seriously paid off.

Taryn Manning looking like Daisy Buchanan

Marcel wave? Check. Art deco-inspired, glistening, slinky gold dress? Check. Taryn Manning channels the roaring 20s and does so to perfection. The only thing is, perhaps it's a little too dress-up. She could have made this more youthful by diffusing the curls (it is also making her head look slightly pointed at the top). But it's an 'A' for the concept!

Claire Danes' pretty up-do

Bringing the red carpet A-game is Claire Danes, who had a play-it-safe mixture of elegantly-pinned up-do and Givenchy haute couture. Luckily, in dazzling bright vermillion with a sheer lace back and fiery lipstick to match, it looks far from safe. Basically, there's no way this could have failed!

Zooey Deschanel's bouncy curls

In a world where 'beachy', 'dirty' and 'undone' are the buzzwords in up-to-date hairstyling, it's so refreshing for somebody to do full, bouncy, shiny curls like this. Wearing this alongside a girly-pink Oscar de la Renta and a impossibly happy smile gives Zooey a playful, cheery misdemeanour. I always like it when she parts her hair as well. I adore the fringe, but It's great to see some variety. And she made her red carpet debut with boyfriend Jacob Pechenik - no wonder she looks so pleased!

And finally - the biggest trend going!

Top (l-r): Julia Roberts, Michelle Dockery, Gwen Stefani, Heidi Klum
Bottom (l-r): Natalie Dormer, Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara, Taissa Farmiga

Centre-partings made a comeback to the runway a couple of seasons ago and they were were everywhere at this event! The 90s revival may have only lasted a heartbeat, but this particular trend shows no signs of disappearing any time soon. Gran your pintail combs and make it precision perfect. Everything from that point down is up to you!