As it's been an age since I did a red carpet blog, I'm quickly going to post my top 5 moments, which in itself on this tablet has taken a couple of days to compile. Still, it's worth it...

Zooey Deschanel's Voluminous Blow dry

The full fringe is back following my last red carpet analysis of Zooey at the Met Gala in May. But this time she's got a look that I've been giving a lot of clients lately; gorgeous shiny, tumbling waves.

To get this look, use a non-tacky mousse or root-boosting foam and dry hair over a large round brush in an upwards motion with plenty of tension.

Claire Danes and That Bob

It sent the Twitterverse into a frenzy, split opinions and then everything calmed down when it was confirmed as 'faux'. These are all signs of a technique very well executed.

I haven't ever done this myself. The closest I've come was a somewhat unwearable fake edition of a graduated bob that involved a lot of backcombing. However, I'd suggest pinning all the hair up at the nape first and then tucking the rest of the lengths under rather than tackling it all together.

Alyson del Rey, I mean Hannigan....

It's no doubt the Marcel wave is on its way back in, but it's new modern character is one of ease and laid-back sophistication. Lana del Rey may be the instigator in this, but I simply adore the look on Alyson's natural red shade!

This is, despite its name, easiest to do by wet setting on rollers and not with a Marcel tong. Place the rollers tightly together and all in the same direction then dress out with a natural bristle brush and a touch of serum when dry, before setting with hairspray. Pair with either a gown or a varsity jacket - your call.

Maria Menounos' Fishtail Plait

The fishtail has become a good staple of recent years, to such an extent that seeing one that I feel looks particularly good takes a lot of attention to detail. This particular one matches that familiar casually-styled braid with a perfectly incorporated tie-up with exactly the right amount of volume and texture.

To get this, I'd recommend a volume blow dry á la Deschanel as before, but using a salt spray, then running a little soft wax through when dry, which will also help in keeping your braid frizz-free.

Shaun Robinson's Classy Top Bun

Girls, please take note. Those grotesque messy top buns that you all seem to think are fashion forward will never hold a candle to a look put together with a bit of effort. Please cease immediately, study the following and then proceed.

Do you see how its got a little fluffiness? Just a touch, on otherwise healthy-looking, well-kept hair. 'Ease' means just that - not mess, just a bit of tweaking to get rid of the severity of an up-do. This also means "stop pulling your hair so tightly around a donut you can see it's there". Find a happy medium.