The Golden Globes was certainly an eventful occasion this year - the red carpet got waterlogged, Emma Thompson strolled onstage with a Martini in one hand and her Louboutins in the other, and Diane Keaton received an award for Woody Allen... as Woody Allen.

I'm going to run down my top ten now, but before I do, a couple of girls who didn't make the shortlist: Jennifer Lawrence, because she looked stunning top-to-toe but her hair was news three months ago; and Sandra Bullock, whom I love but looked like a fifth grader at a wedding in her Prabal Gurung choice despite the fact from the shoulders up she looked beautiful as ever.

It's also worth mentioning this red carpet was lacking in the effort department. Loose waves, relaxed looks (etc) just didn't do it for me. It was great up until 2013 but the coming season is looking at a lot more KAPOW in terms of style and these ladies should be setting the precedent.

#10: Sarah Hyland's Hairband-Braid

The reason this is in my list is because it required more effort than a lot of other looks, but it's still completely unimaginative. Well executed, don't get me wrong. It's just a little boring.

#9: Cate Blanchett Keeps It Classy

Cate looks every bit the lady in this timeless red carpet tuck-under. This is so well thought-out I could weep - one ear exposed on the parted side, her fringe swept and pinned back on the other, leaving space for elegant but simple earrings. Seriously, perfection. It comes in at #9 because it gets a little lost in the noise of the other looks and its a little flyaway at the bottom.

#8: Zooey Deschanel Does Vintage

...but that's nothing new. Zooey's love affair with anything before the 1970's isn't a secret. What I do like about her is that when it comes to red carpet events, she does have versatility, seeing as her girly full fringe is what she's known for 90% of the time. This look is beautifully laid back without being boring: a vintage chignon and perfectly accessoried.

#7: Helen Mirren, because she's Helen Mirren

Okay, okay, I know I'm showing bias, but at least i'm doing it in seventh place and not first. Helen is a national treasure and she does look fabulous. I honestly couldn't tell you if I like this hairstyle because of the hairstyle or because it's on her, but it indisputably looks incredible on here and as much as age shouldn't be a factor, she rocks harder than a lot of her younger peers.

#6 and #5: Uma Thurman & Amy Adams With (almost) The Same Look

If you're ever in a last minute decision about your hair for a big Hollywood event, tell your stylist to pull your hair into a pony at the crown, curl it and pin it. With varying twists, it's a look that has stood the test of time (we're talking centuries) and will never look bad. Which is exactly why Uma and Amy are in joint position right in the middle of my top ten. I don't know how to judge one against another. I like that Uma's is accessorised but I also like that Amy's has that braided parting at the front. They can't win, because they played it safe - but they both look stunning and for that, they both get half marks.

#4: Laura Dern's AMAZING Blowout

This is absolutely immaculate! Laura just misses the top three because it's a little simple, but what it lacks in concept, it more than makes up for in execution. The balance, the finish, the texture, the casual parting, even the size of the wave is all supremely perfect. Okay, it's not really a blowout because it was obviously given the ghd treatment, but nobody cares about "how" at these events, they just care about how much you're upstaging them.

#3: Emma Thompson's Voluminous Set

I don't know if this was actually set on rollers, but if it wasn't her stylist is extremely skilled in both volume and balance. She could quite easily have run the risk of this being overly age-appropriate, but it's simply just appropriate. Every now and then you see a woman wearing a style that makes it impossible to imagine her any other way. This is absolutely spot-on perfect for her. Enough said.

#2: Amber Heard's Windswept Put-up

This came so close to coming into first place, but I had to make a call somehow, and it came down to nothing more than personal preference. This IS essentially a complete winner, because it shows exactly how to do the 'loose, casual, unkept' look WITHOUT looking too loose, too casual or, most importantly, so unkept its just lazy. This has all of those elements in the form of an immaculately-finished, ridiculously well-balanced up-do. I can tell, as a professional, that painstaking attention to detail went into making this look so relaxed, youthful and, in fact, kinda wearable on a day-to-day basis. That quiff, the bun, the texture... 10/10.

#1: Taylor Swift's Painfully Perfect Retro Glamour

Let me get one thing straight - I'm not really a fan of Taylor Swift. I find her music somewhat annoying and it's probably more my age than anything, I feel like she's for teenagers. Taylor Swift is not #1 because I prefer her over Amber Heard. Taylor Swift is #1 because this hairstyle, and makeup, and her Carolina Herrera gown made me believe for a fleeting second that I was her biggest fan.

Okay, yes, she is stupidly beautiful, that much is impossible to deny. But usually I can let that go over my head.This time I couldn't. This is where the preference comes in. I love a nice, relaxed, wearable look á-la-Amber, but I appreciate a lot more the skill and effort it takes to get hair looking this good and so well-suited to the person wearing it; and I hereby pronounce shiny, classic, 100%-effort hair the thing of 2014, (or at least one of them).

This is going to be a statement season.