Awards season is upon us (okay, I missed the Golden Globes ...oops... moving on). For the first time this year, I've decided to have a crack at making some red carpet hair predictions. Ahead of the BAFTAs and Grammys on Sunday, the couture runways have barely cooled down and celebs are tracking down their frocks as we speak. But will their hair go hand in hand with their gowns? Here are the most likely things to appear at the ceremonies...

1. Side-swept

Atelier Versace

Elie Saab

Jean Paul Gaultier

By far and away the simplest to pull off, side-swept tresses look youthful and flattering and compliment almost any dress. Whether it's the sexy smoulder of Versace or the more demure bridal innocence of Jean Paul Gaultier (at least in a couple of looks, it is a JPG show, after all), I think this will be seen at least once in every event. And with Elie Saab gowns guaranteed to make an appearance, it'll be interesting to see if the wearer goes for the full look.

2. Romantic


This only featured at Valentino, but it's pretty much a red carpet staple. The look at the show was following a somewhat Shakespeare-cum-Dante inspiration interlaced with bold artistic motifs. The trick with a look like this at the awards is it needs to play off against the dress well. Pair this with a sleek Versace number and it's going to clash. I'd pip somebody like Zooey Deschanel or Sarah Hyland to carry it off first.

3. "Business in the front, party in the back"

Bouchra Jarrar

Christian Dior

Armani Privé

No, I'm not talking about mullets! I'm talking about these seemingly plain, slick and tidy 'dos that are actually more than they seem. Actually, the look at Bouchra Jarrar was pulled into very simple ballerina buns (no image available), but the surprises lay in Armani and Dior, where much more interesting things took place:

Armani Privé

Christian Dior

At Armani, the hair was painted with gel using a tint brush, then tied into a series of bands giving it an almost Lara Croft quality (If Lara had thrown on an expensive gown and strutted a runway). My favourite, though, was at Dior, where the hair was looped back on itself around a ring, and a faux ponytail attached, basically disconnecting the ponytail entirely. It's pretty easy to pull off such a simple look around the face and leave the creativity to the back, so I'm intrigued to see what variations will pop up.

4. Veiled


Giambattista Valli

This is pretty unlikely to translate to red carpet, but since it happened at two shows, it's not impossible. At Giambattista Valli, the veils were pretty bold with wide bands and polka dots, and a simple ponytail was all that was needed. The more pared-back netting at Chanel, though, allowed a more interesting super-relaxed braid to add character - not that it was needed. I can't imagine many celebs being so bold as to try this, but Gaga will be at the Grammys, so there's at least one possible candidate.

5. Wispy and undone

Maison Margiela

This was one of the less avant-garde approaches at the exciting re-entry of Galliano into the fashion arena, and the look is much more fashion editorial than red carpet, but disshevelled texture has been popular for a couple of years now and the helmet hair created by Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck at the Giles AW14 show could easily have been a precursor to this, so the trend might well be on some minds. (see here).