In a show that really exemplifies Raf Simon's coming of age at Dior, a myriad of references were sewn together as seamlessly as the pieces they defined. The overall feeling was one of lightness; voluminous gowns and plenty of pale colours and delicate florals, shown in a circular, futuristic white space adorned with masses of white orchids. The occasional dark wool or exquisitely structured jacket kept everything grounded. It was immaculate.

It made sense, then, that the hair should be simple, light and uncomplicated as well. Guido Palau for Redken said of the look, "It's fresh and modern without reference to any past. Raf Simons' Dior woman has put her clothes on and [needn't] over-bother with her hair. We're entering a transitional time in beauty where things seem to be much simpler. Women can't complain anymore that they can't do it, which means there are no excuses anymore!"

Yet these effortless looks still, surprisingly, require at least a little effort. Guido added a few extensions to lightly waved hair then used Redken Pillow Proof Two-Day Extender dry shampoo for natural texture and let the hair fall as it did.

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