The first thing guests attending the Chanel show noticed was its minimalist environment. Karl Lagerfeld usually has a spectacularly extravangant thematic set that is an extension of the collection's aesthetic. This time, however, a fireplace and large gilded mirror were the only adornments to an otherwise bright, airy space in which his collection could speak for itself. And volumes it spoke. 1930s and Baroque influences coupled with a palette of fiery and ash tones (save the odd pop of blue), in an exquisitely-finished, eclectic medley of ideas. It was fantasy and perfection all at once.

The hair, created by session legend Sam McKnight, was inspired as always by Karl's own suggestions, especially created to fit the miniature hats that sat at the back of the head. The look was, by McKnight's own interpretation, a take on "80s boybands".

Fifty hairpieces were prepped a few days in advance of the show, washed with washing up liquid. "It helps strip the natural hair back to a dry, malleable texture," McKnight explained. They were then blow-dried using a thick volumising mousse, and finished with a combination of Batiste dry shampoo and Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish spray. On the day, the models' hair was pulled back into tight chignons, (or slicked back at the sides on models with shorter hair), then the hairpieces applied and given a generous coating of Sebastian Re-Shaper hairspray to mould matching textured quiffs on all the girls.

Despite the amazingness of this look (I absolutely adore it), the show was stolen hair-wise by FROW-goer Kristen Stewart, who debuted her new look at the show.

The actress sported a newly-cropped style, complete with a lived-in colour effect - grown-out roots and a fiery copper-orange hue through the lengths. This was styled in an effortless-looking wave, too. Some are calling it bohemian, others are calling it grunge. I call it an improvement. It seriously brightens up her look, and her skin looks glowing next to that shade. And the outfit - a white crop top and harem pants with chunky silver necklaces. Spot on!

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