Armani took a step away from the comfort of his usual grey-anchored palette to a much bolder black, white and red for this show. However, this bright colour infusion was strict, completely untainted by anything else from the spectrum, allowing him to focus on his strengths in craftsmanship. But there was a difference here, too - rather than the clean, sophisticated and grown-up aesthetic we're used to, Armani instead took a more youthful approach, playing with a melange of silhouettes and textures that were as fun as they were daring. Even shorts made an appearance, giving way to voluminous tulles and some amazing polka-dot veils at the end.

The hair was crafted by Peter Gray for L'Oréal Professionel, who at Mr Armani's request gave us something "young and fresh".

The hair was prepped using L'Oréal Professionel Constructor to give a lightweight, barely-there control, then two rolls placed either side of the head pulled back into an easy, not-too-meticulous knot at the back. "It’s about creating a silhouette and a texture," Gray said of the look. "It’s as flat a knot as possible; it’s not a chignon. We’re working with a very, very soft texture. The actual style was a process of iteration, tweaking until we got it right - a bit like a tailor would fit a piece of clothing."

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