Carolina Herrera

In a somewhat daring - and rather wide-reaching - collection for Hererra, the pivotal point seemed to be a play on geometrics. Her fine elegance was in there, too, but tweaked to a bolder note. The influences seemed to hearken at the European/Asian border, with a seemingly Ancient Egyptian colour/print inspiration and the odd Turkish-fez-type hats. (When I say "odd" I mean it both in the senses of 'sporadic' and 'unusual'). Mostly, though, the collection played with forms and silhouettes, and the cuts did full justice to Herrera's finely-tuned craftsmanship. The hair here was a fantastic oversized wrapped bun, continuing the structural theme of the clothing. It was somewhat evocative of Audrey Hepburn's classic BaT updo, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she just requested a style that would hold up those bizarre hats. Either way, I'm not complaining!


Theory is the clever consolidation of Olivier Theyskens's eponymous line and the original brand headed by CEO Andrew Rosen, but still designed by Theyskens - basically giving the designer a more focused single capsule collection rather than the two. The result here is not to be sniffed at; although I'm missing the more alternative edge that TT had before, this is a far more refined approach; well-tailored with exquisite taste and the desaturated colours we've come to know Theyskens for. I'm particularly fond of the unexpected, asymmetric ruffles on otherwise superbly-fitted jackets. The hair was a slightly-diffused boho wave, which served to give the look a somewhat more youthful/girly appearance than it would otherwise have. Unimaginative, but certainly not ill-fitting.

Thom Browne

I don't even now where to start! As a big fan of Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh and Comme des Garcons, big spectacles and avant-garde style are like my lifeblood. I've liked Thom Browne shows before, but never reacted to one like I did this; with unabashed adoration, sat solo in front of my laptop, writhing with giddiness. This hair, by Jimmy Paul for Bumble and bumble, was inspired (at Mr Browne's request) by nuns. Using white synthetic wigs, root powder was teased to give matte texture, dry shampoo for extra volume and then the hair was put into a pony, pulled out into the shape seen above and given a good lashing of hairspray to hold. I am completely converted!