I promised I'd be back into blogging full-swing for Fashion Weeks, and owing to the fact that I haven't knocked out a real PDF Trend Report for about three seasons, I'm going to do one blog per day on this, showing the best looks from the best shows. I'm a couple of days behind at the moment and will play catch-up at some point, but for now, here's NYFW's debut shows from Thursday. Enjoy!

Nicholas K

Nicholas K's collection this year was direct, deliberate and made a statement. There was a distinct lack of subtlety, but but by no means did it come across as cheap. Instead, the 2014 'power woman' continued her stride right through to 2015. The hair followed suit here, with all the models donning severely chopped, off-kilter black wigs that gave the whole image a no-nonsense vibe. I'm loving this look; it already gives the season some excitement!

BCBG Max Azira

The Aziras were on their 25th Anniversary show and whereas a lot of their own subtle signatures prevailed, the whole collection came off, to me, as very Fendi-esque. Now, whilst that might be a bad thing for identity, it certainly isn't a bad thing aesthetically; there was an abundance of fur, stripe motifs, and a good mixture of contrasting fabrics, finished with knee-skimming leather boots. The hair here was given a deep side-parting and an ultra-relaxed, lived-in texture. It's not remarkably groomed or showy, but that's fine when you're letting your clothes do the talking. And this collection has a lot to say.

Creatures of the Wind

Creatures of the Wind is still a baby brand but such a fabulous one. This is a playful collection that employs the simple, relaxed cutting of the Orient, with a wonderful array of bright prints and shimmering jacquards, and an eclecticism that shows the chaotic freshness of the design duo's ideas. Whereas the collection might have been a little jumbled, the hairstyles were uniform - undone braids following the head from the temple, round the opposite side to the nape and trailing off down the neck. There was, again, no severity in the look, but rather an ease and a style evocative of a worldly, cultured woman who wants to be envied for both her statement style and her effortlessness.

Marissa Webb

This season's offering from Marissa Webb is a simplistic but sophisticated collection that looks both extremely well cut and expensive, putting her up there with the Lagerfelds and Philos as an extremely deft designer. Absolutely feminine and classy to boot, the collection did the opposite of BCBG's, in that these gorgeous clothes were dressed down to a youthful level with massive waves or messy, flyaway topknots. The contrast between the clean lines of the clothes and the wilder side of the hair hit a spot that most people aren't even in the vicinity of. This is exactly how contrast is supposed to look.