Ask a panel of hair product addicts what salt spray they use to achieve beachy waves and at least one (if not most) will say Bumble and bumble, whose Surf Spray is a cult wonder-product that has inspired imitations since its launch in 2001. A shampoo and conditioner came into the fray over a decade later but Bb didn't stop there...

The surf spray itself lends a just-from-the-sea, dried-on-the-sand quality to the hair, which gives it a kind of crunchy, tangly feeling. Not by any means, does it feel wrong, but it has never won the hearts of those with hair that is already dry, dull or frizzy because it tends to emphasise the things those people hate the most.

So what do you do if one of your most legendary products isn't filling market need? Well, you make a verison that does...

Introducing Surf Infusion, a salt spray infused with the latest popular ingredient - oil. Namely coconut, mango seed, passion fruit and palm oils, which endow softening and conditioning properties to the product, leaving the hair with a sheen as well as the tousled texture the original Surf spray has become famed for.

As if that wasn't enough, further nourishment comes from coconut fruit and algae extracts and, to top it off, it also contains UV filters protect the hair from the sun.

So if you've kept within a ten mile radius of salt sprays because, "my hair is just too dry already", I'm happy to say that sentence must no longer hold you back.

UPDATE: Since writing this blog post I've now tried the new spray out and it gets my 100% endorsement. It's an incredible summer product, feels fresh but fashionable and is totally on trend. I highly recommend it!

FYI: this is perfect for the latest hot celebrity 'do - the lob. ;)

Find Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion online at or at your local stockist.