Bora Aksu

Day one of London Fashion Week turned out all kinds of hairstyles, and my first comes from Bora Aksu. Aksu's show was influenced by the simpler, quieter side of Turkish life in a somewhat summery collection for an autumn/winter season. The colour palette - white, powdery blues and yellows, navy and hot pink - was a reflection of sandy beaches, fishing boats and sun-faded facades, on a mixture of crocheted hand-woven fabrics interspersed with light, sheer touches. A slight stern-ness was added with bold tile patterns and stripes with high necklines and collars.

Hairstylist Liam Curran centre-parted the hair into twin ponies either side of the nape, secured with net bows, then rope-braided each one to bring it over the head to form milkmaid braid. This gave everything a very rural feel that could almost have been seen as austere were it not for the exquisite attention to detail throughout the entire look. Super-pretty and oh-so-innocent.

Jean-Pierre Braganza

Braganza's collection for AW14 explored the current obsession with girl power via the paintings of Artenisia Gentileschi, but not without his renowned rock 'n' roll stamp on it. The concept seen at Prada SS14 immediately came to mind, but something about Braganza's tough shapes, strong shoulders and cocoon coats and mixture of heavy silks and leather gave it a little more punch.

Indira Schauwecker and the TONI&GUY Session Team took inspiration from the paintings and the Italian term chiarscuro - meaning the contrast of light and dark, and executed this in both shape and colour. They used contrasting wefts (silver/white on dark haired models and navy/black on blondes), clipped into the sides of the head. They also used rope braids at this show, but they were left loose at the back, then the wefts were laced into them. Label.m Resurrection dust was used to diffuse the braids, while a little gloss smoothed down the sides to give contrasting textures. Another seamless runway look!

Felder Felder

^I did NOT have the patience to even try and remove the background in these! ;)

Felder Felder's woman was a departure of their more youthful approach this year to somebody who has been seemingly forced into womanhood, in a show named 'Like Another Lifetime'. She still has inclinations of youth and rebellion, but only as a shadow. There was a good array of textures - mohair, leather and feathers - on a palette of khaki, rose and hi-shine ink black. The once motif that appeared throughout were those suggestions of flesh - sheer mesh panels, laser cutouts, midriffs and cleavage.

Kenna for GHD gave the models deep side-partings and low ponytails, using rubber bands to create intentional friction. He wanted to echo the idea of a girl who has "been somewhere dark" - citing 90s grunge as the influence but with less grit and more softness. But one has to ask how much a ponytail can really say.