Kim Kardashian stepped out last weekend with a new partner - a gorgeous high-contrast blonde ombré.

Ombré, balayage or dip-dye has been on trend - especially with celebrities - for a couple of years now. More and more of you are going into salons and asking for it in varying effects.

This particular look is incredibly executed, because her roots are very naturally dark and the ends very light, but despite the strong difference, the blend between the two is perfect and the hair is in immaculate condition all the way through to the ends. Additionally, the tone is wonderfully balanced, not too brassy but not too cool for her skin tone and that's the best way to keep ombré sophisticated - keep it well matched to your skin tone and in great condition.

Although Kardashian got some bad press earlier in the year from people claiming she didn't carry of pregnancy awfully well, (good to see that women can catch a break), she remains one of the top celebrity beauty icons and this will undoubtedly contribute to catapulting ombré into being one of the iconic looks of the 2010's.