David Sassoon painted a not-so-good-looking picture of his adoptive father Vidal in an interview with The Daily Mail yesterday.

Following a revelation last week that Vidal cut his son from his $150m will, a seemingly angered David - (pictured far left, next to Vidal) - spoke out against the iconic hairdresser, calling his childhood a "misery" and claiming that his father threatened to disown him if he refused surgery for weight reduction.

David claims that his father's animosity started following the death of his biological daughter, Catya - who overdosed on drugs in 2002 at a party that David was also at - but directed his anger at David's image. David claims that Vidal was an obsessive perfectionist who would have to look his best to even go to the supermarket.

Now, I'm not one to shy away from an opinion - and this blog is more than just about news, it's about views.

David was the biological son of a then-illegitimate relationship between a white woman and an African-American man in Tennessee. In his autobiography, Vidal described his son's teen years as challenging, highlighting his carjacking habits and time in reform school.

I'm not saying Vidal is faultless. After all, over-privileged children often do go off the rails. But Vidal's crime here is not obsessive perfectionism, it's caring too much. He was a man who adopted a child and gave him a childhood of protection, comfort and easy living, not one who made his child's life a misery. If he was recommending his son have surgery, they guy can't have been in good shape. The procedure - laparoscopic stomach surgery - apparently cost the best part of £40,000. That's not a small price tag and certainly isn't one I imagine you recklessly fork out to stop your adopted child from making you look bad.

This, to me, is a case of an underappreciative cling-on who had already had his fair share of a good man's heart and fortune and deserved no more.

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