This could come as a surprise. To the untrained eye, this might be seen as a pixie cut, a simple short hairstyle - nothing special, really.

But it's not simple, it sensational. When I say HedRock is about boundless freedom of expression, it usually means 'take that extra step, go a bit nuts and do something "edgy" - whatever that word means - so that you stand out'. But it also means you should be wearing something that suits you and your personality to the dot, and THAT is why Bebe Black's hair in her new video, "I'll Wait", is so magnificent. Take a look at these screenshots...

This is a stunning look from where I'm sitting. The gentle layering, the tight crop at the nape and the slightly-grown-out colour. It's effortless but very powerful. The reason this sever short look is so well suited to Black is because of her slender frame. Taking the hair really tight below the ears elongates her neck and gives her KAPOW cheekbones a lot of emphasis.

Now, I'd like to think that this blog would have enough clout to have girls running out to their stylists and having the latest look on my recommendation, but I doubt that's the case. However, I won't take my chances that it won't happen, so if you're lucky enough to have Bebe's figure and facial features, here's what to ask for:

- A very close crop at the nape, clippered up at the bottom and tapering out at the occipital bone.
- Square layering round the back to the ears, then overdirected back from the ears to the front hairline.
- A slightly disconnected, point-cut fringe - leaving length at the temples.

The really important thing is that the layering doesn't go too high up. The reason this works is the really tight graduation around the length, which flows seamlessly into the tight nape but leaves plenty of weight on top, giving it contrast and gentle texture.