There's two things to consider when doing your hair to work with the season's fashion. One, what are designers telling you to wear? And two, what are the fashion week session stylists telling you to do with your hair? And make no mistake, following fashion and hair trends that fall in the same season will NOT be a guaranteed recipe for success. Make that your mantra.

So, how do you work it?

Well, there are some simple rules that will govern every occasion you match your hair to your outfit. We'll come to those rules along the way. But first, let's take a look at what have been decreed as the season's fashion trends. We're only going to consider shape, form and texture - colour really doesn't matter unless you have a bright or vivid hair colour that would clash with or compliment your clothes. For that, just use common sense.*

The Fashion Trends

Oriental themes, origami and kimonos were definitely a prevalent trend across several runways. One of the important things to remember here is some of the features that it will tend to have - collarless, hard lines, unfitted volume and especially asymmetry.

Graphic prints, especially checks and stripes, but also floral and geometric patterns, appeared in every form imaginable.

Transparent materials such as orgnanza, chiffon, plastic and lace - yes, pretty much anything you can see through - are spot-on trend for this season.

And minimalism once again reigned, both in colour (think black, whites, and colour blocking of neutrals, pastels and primaries) and cut. Think crisp shirts, matching pantsuits, pencil skirts and sport-luxe sleeveless tees.

The Hair Trends

A lot of hairstyles grace the runways every season, but here are some that really took SS13 by storm:

  • Tight-to-the-scalp looks, ultra sleek and highly polished.
  • Braids, in every form, whether they be simple, creative or undone and messy.
  • 90s Grunge - dishevelled, loose texture with differing levels of volume.
  • Wet look, dual-texture and slick-back looks.

(Take note, ears are exposed a LOT this season!)

How to match your hair to your outfit.

Okay, first things first - pick your look. Your hair is only going to be styled, but your clothes cost you money. You don't have to stick to one trend, but unless you're made of money and/or a complete shopaholic, pick out a versatile but on-trend capsule wardrobe of inter-changeable pieces that hit several sweet spots.

Then it's simply lead with the outfit, follow with the hair.

For the Oriental trend, there's a couple of things to consider. First, it's quirky enough for a matching hairstyle not to be overkill, so you could use the super-sleek trend by pulling your hair into a bun and putting some chopsticks through but DON'T make it look fancy dress. A simple collarless kimono jacket with shorts or a knee-length skirt with understated makeup is enough. Secondly, something you should avoid here without doubt is too much volume or asymmetry. The Oriental trend is built on structure, so keep the hair skinny and smart.

A similar rule goes for any graphic prints - don't go into too much detail with the hair. Braids won't work with this. Louis Vuitton's infectious chequered pieces were teamed with 60's beehives. The louder the print, the more minimal the hair should be, though. You could perhaps get away with teaming with the loose grungy look, especially with tartan checks and florals, but avoid making it too fluffy. A wet look would work nicely with bigger, bolder and more geometric prints.

Transparency in clothing tends to show off your figure beneath, so ensure - as with any look in any season - that your silhouette isn't thrown off. Big hair and big shoulders will never look anything but 80's throwback so avoid it at all costs and if the silhouette is more top-heavy expose your neck and wear your hair behind the ears (beautifully on-trend). If the look is delicate and feminine, here's where you can utilise braids for a wonderfully chic, sophisticated look.

And finally, minimalism - the best thing to come out of this decade. Super-sleek? Yes. It matches beautifully and looks extremely smart. 90's grungy waves? Sure, it will look good with both fitted silhouettes and tidy flat colours. Wet look, dual-textured and exposed ears? Absolutely - I'd probably recommend it with minimalist outfits, it'll make it look more intentional! The only one that might not be perfectly suited is braiding, but it won't actually clash. This is the trend that will go with almost any hair.

This should give you some of the right ideas. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment below or send me a message via the contact page if you want any more tips.

Happy trending! :)

*Okay, I might do some colour tips at some point. ;)