'Hair in the Campaigns' is a featurette I'll be doing in the absence of this season's runway reports. You might not get fully-studied trends but you do get some gorgeous imagery!

We start with Versace. Why? Kate Moss is why. She wasn't the only model in the shoot but her hair looks staggeringly good...

Yes, you're seeing it right. That is a gorgeous auburn-tinged brunette shade in place of the flowing golden waves we saw in her Kérastase campaign earlier in the year. Known mostly for her dishevelled dirty blonde, this has a much more sophisticated edge to it and suits her eyes so ridiculously well. (Cannot believe this woman turns 40 in January).

Versace's theme this season is punk, or in it's own right, "Vunk" (an affectionate nickname courtesy of Donatella herself). It was right up there in the best shows, that as the runway looks came through one by one, gave me feelings I've only ever felt before from less dignified pursuits than fashion. In fact, the very coat Ms Moss is sporting here was one of my favourites. But I digress.

This is an interesting style. It's not dishevelled, but rather very beautifully finished and then undone. It has a look of worn-in expense. But then when you combine punk with one if the worlds most prestigious fashion labels, what else could you expect?