I only really do a few of these each season. It's kind of spurred by that excitement in the February/September issues of seeing sparkling new campaigns, and I'll see some hairstyle that peaks my interest. Last season it was Lindsey Wixson's auburn crop. This season, it's a freshman HITC appearance for Marc Cain.

Cain is a name I've seen around in the monthlies and certainly has international appeal, but shows in Berlin rather than one of the four fashion capitals and doesn't get written up by style.com or nowfashion.com so I've been unable to find comprehensive images of the runway looks or any real reviews. However, we can take these campaign images on face value: 'light', 'clean', 'summery', 'easy' and 'polished' are adjectives that spring to mind.

So perhaps with the sophistication and simplicity of the clothes, the hairstylist was instructed to be a little adventurous. The aesthetic here certainly isn't overwrought; in fact, it marries quite nicely.

The lengths of the from the crown have been given a super on-trend texturised volume, most likely using a dry texture spray or salt spray to give it that mattified, softened appearance. Then, conversely, the fringe is disconnected, lacquered and moulded into a somewhat haphazard finger-wave with a deep side parting.

I've never seen this done before, and honestly I'm loving it, although I don't really know how it will translate to wearable whilst retaining it's uniqueness. What I will say, however, is that Bumble and bumble are soon releasing a new Surf Spray that gives the texture without mattifying, which could be an interesting hybrid product for a look like this. You'll know when I do ;)