Here's a double feature. Louis Vuitton always closely match their print ads to their runway, and this season is no exception, but the have an additional campaign featuring Michelle Williams to sell a particular bag.

They almost seem to be giving the option of dual identity. On one hand, there's the boudoir runway look, sultry and shadowed, echoing the hotel hallway we first saw the collection gliding through back in February. This campaign features the same cropped black wigs that transformed Kate and Cara on the runway into after-hours bedroom beauties. It's chic and seductive, yes, but almost gives the idea these girls have something to hide. A case of an easily-slipped-into identity that gives a 'one night only' anonymity.

On the other hand, we have Michelle, clutching lovingly to her Vuitton bag with a look of pure transparent innocence. Her blond crop, pulled almost thoughtlessly apart on a deep parting and textured to perfection, gives an elegant light to the shots. All her, nothing to hide, her expression bared to the camera.

Is it a tale of naughty and nice, or simply a case of the day-to-night ease that every designer tries to pull off season after season? Whatever it is, it's sure to capture the imaginations of all kinds of women. Both looks seek to evoke the "I want to be her" reaction - and it will certainly work.