To decide where I would start with this season's Hair In The Campaigns, I flicked through the opening pages of the new March issue of Elle UK, seeing what would catch my eye first. I skipped quite quickly past Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Dior; all lovely, but it was Mr Lagerfeld's keen eye for fresh, captivating imagery that stopped me dead in my tracks. All the other houses had nice, natural brunette-to blonde hues, but not Chanel. No, Chanel took the inequivocal face that is Lindsey Wixson and put her in a bright auburn cropped wig.

On Chanel's usual bright backdrops, splashes of the season's signature vibrant colours play off against each other, and the hair included. This was another reason I stopped page-turning when I did. There's nothing sultry about these images like the moody shadows of Gucci and LV; they're playful and bright, as SS14 is supposed to be. I must say, this colour on Lindsey is just phenomenal, and it takes a genius like Karl to know that.

The off-kilter bow is another really cute touch:

I mean, yes, it's irrefutably the kind of little touch you'd expect from Chanel, but even from a hair point of view... it would look ridiculous if it weren't for the tongue-n-cheek nature of the brand matched against it's undeniable feel of expense. What I'm saying is; don't wear your hair in this silly style unless you're going to do it wearing Chanel.

I must say, I hope that 'notice me' hair makes a comeback soon. It'll take gusto to wear bright hair colours with this season's 'anything goes' palette, but in a couple of weeks we're going to see what AW14 holds, and I'm rather hoping it boils down to atonal clothes that can be worn with any hair colour, whether is an auburn like this, or the turquiose of that cardigan...