I've been both itching and hesitant to post this all at the same time. One one hand, I have absolutely no idea who did this hair or the story behind it. On the other hand, it speaks for itself so much that the story can wait - for now.

The AW14 Bottega Veneta campaign features a bewigged Edie Campbell donning a geometric precision cut. Those last three words - I'll say them again; geometric precision cut - probably describe Tomas Maier's collection this season better than most.

Unlike the whimsical, romantic draping and muted palette of SS14 ,and the dreamlike forest scene the campaign was set in, the creative director took the aesthetic to a much cleaner, understated silhouette that let geometric "puzzle"-inspired patterns and bold colours take the forefront.

I can only imagine that the hairstyle commissioned to do this was given instructions to have it thematically represent the clothing as closely as possible.

Bottega Veneta do put up videos every season outlining their collaborations on bottegaveneta.com

If I find any more info on this, I'll let you know!