Well, I must admit I've never heard of Bimba y Lola until this season. So really, this is mostly about the visual...

Okay, so it's pretty much completely about the visual. I had to include this in my HITC series this season because there is a whole lotta hair going on there! This pelo largo, along with the makeup, came from the talented hands of successful Spanish stylist Pablo Iglesias.

If it seems a little weird and creepy, that's because this season's offerings from the brand are based on a kind of gothic fantasy, incorporating witchcraft, unicorns and the Middle Ages into an already quirky and whimsical brand aesthetic. So its spooky, but the kind of tongue-in-cheek spooky you get with brands like DSquared2 or Moschino.

The most interesting thing here is that the clothing doesn't take centre-stage at all. Bimba y Lola seem to be selling the fantasy itself. Thankfully, with a fantasy of this nature, it just might work.