This week a creative team shook the fashion world a little. Iconic model Gisele Bündchen appeared in the next-season Balenciaga campaign with an apparently shaved head. In fact, if you Google the topic and there are still news stories reporting that she has indeed been scalped, (even though she has since posted pictures to her Instagram with her locks intact).

Here's the campaign in question:

Artistic Director for Balenciaga Alexander Wang explained to that the haircut was created on a body double, and that Gisele had to arrive three hours before everybody else for the shoot to have a bald cap put on, then the pictures of the haircut were superimposed onto her 'bald' head, meaning the body double had to shoot every shot as well.

A lot of work just to give Gisele a buzz cut. But as Wang said to WWD, “This is how I see Gisele for Balenciaga; strong, powerful, mysterious and uncompromising”.

Back story aside, it's interesting to see such dark campaign images considering that Wang injected a little more fun into his collection this season, (his third since taking the helm in AW13). True, his campaigns thus far have been moody, shadowy, almost haunting, but that tended to follow the achromatic palettes and hard edges of the collections themselves, whereas his AW14 collection has splashes of colour and a few softer textures. Perhaps we'll see brighter campaigns as the season progresses.