Remember last year when Kate Moss exploded back into modelling? She walked in the AW13 Louis Vuitton show, did campaigns for Kérastase and St Tropez and then, as I blogged previously, modeled the incredible AW13 Versace campaign with brunette hair. Well, apparently Sarah Burton saw that campaign and though that Versace's "Vunk" wasn't quite punk enough for Kate. Brunette? That's not controversial. You know what's controversial?


Seen here modelling the better half of McQueen's SS14 collection, (that red, white and blue checkerboard stuff was the first AMcQ clothing I've ever disliked), and playing with a miniature Kate doll, the campaign is nothing if not bizarre. I mean, it's McQueen - let's call a spade a spade, they don't do vanilla - so you wouldn't expect otherwise. But even the post-editing makes the whole thing look like a series of paintings. It's much more editorial than it is commercial.

I can't quite figure out how they've done this. My first instinct is that it's a wig, and if it is, it's a good one, because it does look like her own hair. Having said that, these images don't look 100% 'lifelike' anyway, which means it could be intentional to make the hair look more real, or furthermore, it might even be all retouched - cleverly cropped and tinted in Photoshop after simply brushing her own hair back. Photographers and their software do have the power to do that now.

Authenticity aside, it's incredibly jarring to put black and red leather dresses into a cold, shadowy set and then throw yellow hair into the mix. Not that that's a bad thing; I like incongruity. A lot. I like that this is the kind of thing that people are going to stop and assess, because it sparks an idea that wasn't in your mind before.

"Could I pull off yellow hair?"

"Should I go for the chop, and be the 'empowered' woman of SS14?"

"Maybe I should just buy some wigs and change my hair like the weather..."

This is what fashion/art/imagery is supposed to do. It's supposed to inspire. I can't vouch for the 'prettiness' of this campaign. I can't even admit that I liked the collection all that much. But I will fervently advocate the intention of presenting it, and Kate, in this way. It's what McQueen has always done, and it's why I'll always love them.