Anyone who has come across me professionally will know that I'm an absolute hair product junkie. The problem is, the more of a junkie you become, the harder it is for the addiction to satisfy you. Put in plain English, my expectations are high when it comes to finding a particular product that really wows me to the point of saying "this is the best thing EVAAARR!"

Sometimes, though, even the concept is enough to get my blood pumping. Here are four products that I've never held but for various reasons have gotten me very excited indeed...

Redken Signature Look
Wind Blown 05

It's only through working in a Redken salon that I've come across their products, but my goodness they know what they're doing. There are a couple of Redken offerings that have really impressed me, not least the recently released Diamond Oil and the legendary Extreme Anti-Snap.

This one, though, I didn't even know existed. I saw it in a magazine and thought, "what on earth is 'Wind Blown'?"

As it turns out, it's a "matte, ultra-light dry finishing spray" which, I must say, is just too many awesome words in one place. Further buzz words such as 'deconstructed', 'airiness' and 'movement' make me salivate more than one of Pavolv's dogs. More and more runways are going for that slightly imperfect, touseld look and apparently all this required is tipping your head upside down, lightly misting and shaking out.

Effortless chic to the nth degree. Gimme.

KMS California Hair Play
Playable Texture

I used KMS California for a very brief period of time but Hair Play was my favourite range because it works hard at glamming up and making things more fun - body, shape, those kinds of things.

What draws me to this though, is the demo video on their website. First, Playable Texture is blow-dried into the hair in sections to give movement through the ends. Next, the hair is curled in a non-fussy iron-and-pin set, dressed out using a little more spray. Finally, he uses his hands to diffuse the look and make it bigger, adding more and more spray.

I'll be damned if I don't love a product that's buildable and, by proxy, versatile - especially one that can give you three looks in one sitting; it means you can go from office to bar without having to redo your hair at all. But the real genius of this product is that it's non-sticky. Completely! Apparently the polymers used in Playable Texture are sticky when it comes to being attracted to each other but not to your hair or hands, which is, well, freaking brilliant.


I estimate it to be approximately lip-biting time because I. Love. Sebastian.

I haven't got a lot of info on this product because it's so new there barely is any info. All I can say is this - probably about a quarter to a third of the BEST products I have ever used are Sebastian products. Craft Clay - love it. Trilliant - love it! Re-Shaper - looove it! Volupt Spray - ...mother, please!

This works in the same vein of promotion as Bed Head by TIGI's 'Oh Bee Hive!' - it's a dry shampoo in essence, but one that's designed for style and body rather than keeping your hair from looking greasy when you don't have time to wash it mid-week. It's a session stylists dream, too. I can't tell you how awesome dry shampoo is on a shoot.

So one designed for dry styling, made by Sebastian? I am completely sold.

Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde
Toning Protection Spray

This idea is so good and yet I'm certain every hairdresser who has used violet shampoo has thought of it at some point.

If you don't know what violet shampoo is, it's used to gradually tone out brassy tones in chemically blonde hair. The thing is, in all honesty, when you're stood behind the basin lathering up it looks perfect and then when you're towel wrapping you think, "actually, that looks warmer than i thought, I hope she likes it... wouldn't it be nice if i could just blow-dry that violet stuff in!"

[hairdressers around the world now plot to kill me for giving that secret away]

Luckily, at last, we can do that. It hasn't even landed yet (and won't until April), but I'm actually getting more than I imagined because it does no less than two additional things. One, it acts as a filler/reconstructor - that being, it helps to even out the porosity on bleached/chemically damaged hair. And two, It's provides heat protection.

So basically, getting people to that elusive champagne/platinum/white/pale/"i just don't want it to look yellow" blonde has been made just that little easier. And what's more, because it's simply a styling product, you can take it home with you. It's an absolute dream of an aftercare product because it does so many things you need it to do.