It's one of the hottest runway trends of 2013. ELLEUK.COM declares it 'back'. But what is dual-texture hair and will it actually catch on?

For the most part, this look combines sleek or wet-effect roots with drier, more textured lengths. Session stylist Guido, who worked on the Victoria Beckham S/S13 show, contrasted shine by using dry shampoo to make the back more disheveled. Nick Irwin and the TIGI artistic team used gel and hairspray separately and secured the look with grips to emphasise the difference. The key is to look effortless and chic, not avant garde.

Last week's Stylist ladies put the 'Trend on Trial' with varied reviews. Beauty Assistant Anita Bhagwandas felt that it emphasised her bumpy head and made her look like a Munster, while Deputy Beauty Editor Samantha Flowers, by contrast, loved the look, but she warns that it's down to how you do it (and she's very much right).

However, in a Huffington Post poll, only 10% regard the look as "amazing" with the remaining 90% selecting "a mess" - nothing quite like two polar extremes to settle a matter! Apparently both 'greasy' and 'dry' are two hair faux-pas' that shouldn't be combined.

Still, when some of the worlds leading hairdressers declare something fashion-forward, there are inevitably the more brave of us* who will willingly give it a shot. If you're going to do that, read on...


  • This will not work on short hair. If it's above shoulder length, I'd give it a miss. It will only make your hair look lank and sad.
  • Love your face shape! This will expose everything, including those ears - luckily, ear exposure is even more on trend! However, some face shapes just aren't suited to this, especially round. Heart shape faces can be complimented by adding volume to the ends and filling in the negative space between the shoulder and jaw, whereas pear and rectangle are better with the lengths worn back.
  • Put your parting, if you want one, wherever you usually wear it. A lot of runway looks centre-part hair but if you like your side-parting, run with it. Or just push it all back. Also remember that slicking your hair down on top will expose your head shape, too.
  • Don't make it look greasy! Waxes and oils just aren't meant for layering on thickly. To get a wet look, put gel into damp hair and dry it in, using a comb, brush or fingers to get the kind of texture you want. Alternatively, just wear your hair super sleek on top by drying in a drop or two of serum and straightening with irons.
  • Treat is as a hairstyle with two parts - because that's what it is. To emphasise the differences between the textures you have to approach them differently.

Get more tips and an in-depth tutorial from Nick Irwin at TIGI here.

See the Huffington Post article here.

*That would be you, HedRockers! ;)