Many things struggle to be iconic in the fast and competitive world of fashion, so it takes a lot of force to make a real impact. Say, the kind of force that comes with taking the creative director from Rochas, putting him at the helm of a house bearing the name of one of the most influential designers that ever lived, and presenting the comeback collection after 60 dormant years at Paris Haute Couture. No mean feat.

And when you're on a knife edge like that, you have to pull out all the stops. What we saw from Marco Zanini during the show was a burst of eclectic references to Elsa's aesthetic; the uncontrollable, nonconformist woman who's only desire is to provoke attention. The hair followed suit, with a range of avant-garde styles that could be the only bedfellow to a show of this magnitude.

Stella Tennant opened the runway with an electric blue and black wig, marked with a distressed texture, that spilled from an oversized black headpiece. The colour married in with the royal blue background of the dress, carrying the signature shocking pink that Schiaparelli claimed for her own, and the unkempt look was clearly a nod to the question of what beauty actually entails.

This colour returned further on into the show as a heavy, blunt-cut fringe:

...which had a more, pared-back finish and symmetry to honour the incredible sharp tailoring and massive sleeves.

Another sharper style was the micro-bob on Chinese model Xiao Wen Ju, topped with a bow and cut will all the perfection and craftsmanship a look like this should be, then paired with Geisha-esque makeup that defied the truly Western evening gown/blazer combination she was dressed in.

There were some looks that had a more effortless execution, such as this windswept, casual put-up that let Zanini's headpiece do all the talking:

And this one that, despite the hair having little detail overall, offered a wonderful peek-a-boo finger wave crafted in the true spirit of the 1920s; with painstaking precision and a LOT of gel:

One particular look that married hair and hat brilliantly was this meticulous pigtail-braid paired with a marvellous pointed black headpiece:

But my absolute favourite of the show were the 'fros; Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin's own natural hair...

...and this fantastic red/auburn wig in all of its gigantic glory that was perfectly doubled with ivory skin and a deep crimson lip:

Perhaps it wasn't the most unique of shows - hair like this is quite often seen at ready-to-wear shows like Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and Junya Watanabe - but it was pure eclecticism, and perfect for the nature of the brand's revival. It's a collection that says any woman, with personality, conviction and fearlessness, can stand in a league of her own. That's the Schiaparelli woman.