In the past week celebrities have decided to literally buck the trends we've all grown accustomed to achieving for the past decade. In short; long hair is out.

As a hairstylist, the number of times I've had a client or model whose hair needed to be coiffed into big, bouncy, shiny waves is practically uncountable. It got to a point in many a stylist's head that this was just accepted as the norm. Kim Kardashian and Cheryl Cole-Tweedy-Fernandez-Versini-Jones-Bloggs [sic] were die-hard reference points for this style and magazines, bloggers and product manufacturers alike have made fame and fortune from allowing people to recreate it on themselves, (think Liverpudlian lasses shopping in their velcro rollers and you get the gist).

So what's new on the scene? The lob, ladies and gentlemen, has come of age.

'Lob', a portmanteau of 'long bob', is a shoulder-skimming length that fits in with fashion's current comforts. Words like 'easy', 'undone' and 'casual' have been bigger buzzwords in the past few seasons than we've seen in decades. But alongside this, personality is crucial. Your image, even if it's easy, is never underthought. In fact, you should have a clear idea in mind. Even beachy hair, that's designed to look like you been in the sea and dried off on the sand, comes with a barrage of products to allow you to get the look the right way.

The lob is no different. It's a casual look, but it should have direction. Kim debuted her chopped length a day before the Oscars, ensuring that those who missed it got an eyeful through the lenses of the paparazzi. A couple of days later it was lifted to a pale blonde in a move that divided opinions down the middle. Cheryl's is a little short to be classed as a lob, but journalists immediately started drawing up comparisons to the 90's 'Rachel', which certainly grew out to shoulder-length at the peak of its popularity.

If girls taking the plunge wasn't enough, Jared Leto - pioneer of the 'mun' (another portmanteau; "man bun") - also scrapped long tresses in favour of a more Fight Club-era slick-back, complete with a clean-shaven face. Whether Leto was really an inspiration point for the uprising of hairy Shoreditch hipsters is up for debate, but if he does have any sway it's a look I'd glady see the back of, personally.

Then, within days, Kim went even lighter and took their colour to silver and Leto had his bleached up as well. This presents us with another trend; that of an entirely bleached barnet. This comes and goes all the time in guises, but blonde has kind of been on the back burner for a while, and this could see it being brought to the forefront as the must-have hue once again. However, don't rush out and get it just yet - the last time blondes were popular it was all about subtle undertones of copper, rose, teal or purple. It's still likely to be a highly bespoke option, but hang around to see what the top colourists do first.

Whether you like change or not, these are three gossip-page celebs whose image is a talking point, and these kinds of seismic shifts in the world of trends will inevitably affect change on the streets. It's a bold prediction, but a pretty solid one.