I'm not sure what's happening in 2013 but I like it!

Kerry Katona tweeted this picture yesterday after dying her hair a pastel blue, asking her followers if they liked it, but before anybody could give much of a reply she was bouncing of the walls, saying she felt 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' and that she wanted to bounce on a trampoline before peeing her pants.

But Kerry wasn't the only girl feeling a cool hue. On the same day, Isabella Cruise (daughter of Tom and Nicole), tweeted her own emerald pixie cut!

Seems like it's a little infectious to me... but it's an infection I'd quite like to catch myself. ;)

These are only the newest celebs to jump on the crazy colour wagon this year, with both Helen Mirren and Nick Grimshaw plumping for pink, Gaga going green and Cher Lloyd rocking electric blue!

Which look is your favourite? Leave us a comment below!