August's cover star for British Vogue is the one and only Victoria Beckham, in an shoot encompassing an unusually less-than-pristine setting for the lady, messing around in a garden and looking more laidback and playful that we're used to. But it works.

Last week, hairstylist Tina Outen spoke to about her behind-the-scenes experience with Victoria, working with a crème de la crème creative team comprising of Vogue Fashion Director, Lucinda Chambers; powerhouse international makeup artist, Pat McGrath; and Patrick Demarchelier, one of the most coveted photographers in the fashion industry.

According to Outen, the chic, unexaggerated up-do we see on the cover and in the photos below was created in under one minute. "It was just a matter of putting it up, pinning it and playing around with it to make it look right for her face," she said of the look.

To create the hair's texture, Outen utilised a technique we're very fond of in the hairdressing world - creating imperfection from perfection. On this occasion, that involved a super-immaculate blow-dry that was given a more lived-in finish by disturbing the hair a little using a mixture of olive oil cream and water. The hair was then mostly left to do it's own thing, with the odd tweak to suit Beckham's face and the overall look.

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