Okay, you don't have to do it RIGHT this minute, but you're already here, right? So you might as well.

These videos and articles range from funny to useful to simply quite interesting - but mostly funny. We all love a good BuzzFeed list, and if you're here on the HedRock blog, my guess is you love hair, too. So here's the definitive top 10 BuzzFeed hair lists, (in no particular order).

1. 17 Things You Don’t Say To A Woman With Short Hair

Newsflash: short hair can be stunning on a lady. You don't have to point that out and justify the decision she made quite happily of her own accord.

2. 21 Problems Only People With Long Hair Understand

A video, mostly about getting your hair caught in stuff. Like, everything.
(This one's for the boys and the girls).

3. 27 Impossibly Pretty Reasons To Go Gray This Summer

Because these hues are GORGEOUS. But do be careful, it's a very difficult colour to achieve unless you're already blonde or at least very light brown. Prepare to get hair envy!

4. 7 Beautiful Portraits Of White Women Styled With “Black Hair”

A fairly fascinating social experiment by photographer Endia Beal inspired by a rumour that all the white males in her office longed to touch the only Afro-Caribbean woman's hair.

5. The Truth Behind 9 Common Hair Myths

An interesting video that's almost completely 100% true. The thing is, even though none of the myths called into question are done so inaccurately, they don't go into enough detail about why.

6. 13 Genius Hairstyles That Will Last Two Whole Days

There's a lot of repetition in this list - basically, on day two you're going to end up with a wave or curl of some kind. But the day one looks are simple and pretty effective - no washing required!

7. 17 Reasons To Thank God Your Hair Isn’t In The ’80s

Glamour shots, perms and celebrity throwbacks - 80's hair in all of its glory! Just don't try to revive it...

8. 6 Amazingly Simple Hairstyles That Every Lazy Girl Needs To Know

A video showcasing some very quick and very effective looks, for both Caucasian/European hair and African/Caribbean hair!

9. The 30 Stages Of Having A Traumatic Hair Experience

Not for the faint-hearted! This one slowly walks you through the process of the salon disaster. 

10. 17 Ways To Never Have A Bad Hair Day Again

Another DIY-style video which includes more of the same quick styles, but added tricks for your tools!

(all sourced from BuzzFeed Style)