I've held the opinion for a couple of years now that the perm is ready for a comeback, and considering the bad reputation it's gained with the aftertaste of the 80s (despite being one of the best decades there ever was for personal style), that's an opinion often met with uncertainty and a slight edge of disdain.

So I had to stop myself from squealing with glee when friend and collaborator Salleh Sparrow revealed her tightly-coiked mop top. Completely adore it! And that made her the very first #YHLA style star. Have a look at her transformation and what she thinks below...

Salon or DIY?


What inspired the look?

Rihanna's hair and the 80s!

What do you use to maintain your style?

I use a root powder to get some lift and a wax to keep it to the one side.

HedRock recommends...

A light dusting of Redken Powder Grip on the roots will give your hair an oil-defying volume boost. Less is more with this one. Sprinkle gently and rub in with fingertips to activate.

Use Sebastian Shine Crafter to keep this curls frizz-free and held in place with a natural look. Rubs a small amount between you fingertips and gently twist through the ends of your hair.